How To Do The Splits - aka HELP!!

Ahhh the splits... the ever elusive flexibility goal of dancers, yogis, aerialists, gymnasts and party-goers-with-no-party-trick worldwide!! Whenever you see someone casually drop into a split, it looks so easy - but if you've ever tried it yourself, you'll know immediately that it's not as straightforward as it seems...

It looks painful! Why would I even want to try?

The benefits of flexibility training are numerous. Having greater mobility and range of movement helps with a surprising number of sports and activities, from the obvious ones like yoga, dance, gymnastics and cheerleading, to the less obvious ones like football, martial arts, rock climbing and calisthenics.

Being more flexible can help to prevent injuries, increase performance, and help with your posture. Stretching reduces stress and releases endorphins.

And let's not forget one of the most important benefits - being more flexible feels AMAZING! It's a wonderful feeling to use your body to its full potential, without feeling restricted or stiff.

I have no idea where to start! Where do I begin?

Simple - you begin at the beginning! It really doesn't matter how inflexible you are to start with. Think of it this way - the less flexible you are to start with, the greater your potential for incredible progress! Don’t be disheartened - get excited. Don’t put off getting started.

Trust me, a year from now you will wish you had started today. Click on the images below to read about these ladies and their splits stories!

Sarah: "I'm so excited to finally share my splits progress with the help of Michelle Shimmy's tutorials. I've always felt my progress wasn't going any far but with the help of the tutorials, I had the motivation, determination and consistency."

Tips for getting started

1. Enrol in f