"I love pole dancing classes at the Pole Dance Academy. Not only is it an amazing work out, the classes are just so much fun! The teachers are so professional and helpful. I am feeling fitter and healthier and have made some great new friends! I would recommend the Pole Dance Academy to anyone!"




"Fun, motivating and often unintentionally hilarious. I'm so glad I started going to classes at the PDA - the instructors create a really supportive and unthreatening atmosphere and pole dancing itself is just a great way to hang out with friends and get a good workout at the same time.  Did I mention the shoes? I love the shoes."




 "I started pole dancing at PDA in January this year.  Before starting pole dancing, I was a regular at the gym.  I would do weights classes and pilates classes a couple of times a week.  However, after only 7 months of pole dancing I am stronger, more flexible and agile than I have ever been.  I still do an occasional weights class at the gym but no longer find it challenging as the classes run by Michelle at PDA have significantly improved my core strength and endurance.  Not only do you get a serious workout at PDA but the teachers themselves are inspirational and encouraging.  They are living proof of the amazing things pole dancing can do for your physique, strength and flexibility.I have to also say that pole dancing does improve your self-confidence and body image, which I think is hugely important for all women as our bodies tend to be a source of much insecurity for many women.Overall, I love pole dancing and I love pole dancing at PDA.  It's a great studio and I plan to be a student for a long time!"



"Pole Dancing classes with the girls at Pole Dance Academy are the highlight of my week. I have a fantastic time as well as getting an unreal workout...so much more enjoyable than the gym! They even get me out of my uggies and away from the warm couch at 8.30 at night so it must be good! Thankyou girls for providing such an awesome way to enjoy fitness! xxx"




"I get really excited every week because I love what Shimmy, Maddie, Yvette and Diana from Pole Dance Academy offer me and that is pure enjoyment, a great toned tummy and awesome dance routines it puts the 'S' back into 'Sexy' and more!!! Thanks girls you rock! Xxxxx"




"I love the pole dance academy! It has given me such awesome strength! I love learning from Maddie and shimmy.. natural teachers who have an amazing passion for their craft! I have recommended the academy to everyone I know! Love love love pole dancing at the academy! See you guys soon. XXxxxxx"




"Thanks heaps to the girls @ pole academy, its the best workout ever and so much fun! i love it :) G xxx"




"Thanks so much for the classes! They have really helped me gain confidence and get in shape. I look forward to the classes each week and can't wait to show off my new moves at the end of term show!"




"Pole dance academy, you have re shaped and changed my body for the better!! thank you so much for the awesome experiences and dancing... I have been telling everyone about you!!"




"Thank you so much for all the great pole dancing classes. I can feel my body getting into shape. I look forward to it each week and strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it yet :) Thanks so much girls xx"