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PDA Instructor Training Program


The Pole Dance Academy Instructor Training Program was designed by Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle to give you the foundations you need to be a great pole dance instructor! Being an amazing pole instructor is about so much more than just knowing how to do the moves in the syllabus. 

Over this two-day program, you will learn the essential skills that you need to become a confident and effective pole instructor, capable of guiding your students through their amazing pole achievements.

You will learn:

  • the basics of being a pole instructor

  • how to break down and instruct pole moves for people who learn differently

  • how to structure a class

  • how to build a warm up

  • how to interact with students

  • how to spot pole moves

  • how to troubleshoot common scenarios, and much more.


You should be Pre advanceed or above. If you are a High Intermediate student wishing to take the training, please contact us to discuss. 


At the end of the two day course, there will be a short assessment to help you consolidate your skills and give you a chance to put your new found knowledge into practice. 


You will receive course materials - a comprehensive booklet containing practical and theoretical information.


This course is $650.

Can't make it live? Complete the course online!

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