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Click a class below to read its description. If you are unsure about what class to be in, why not give us a call and we can help you work out the best level for you. 


Each pole dance class is carefully designed to make you a well-rounded pole dancer. We ensure you have the strength and flexibility to perform each new pole move by incorporating conditioning, strength and stretch into each class drawing on a combination of dance, gymnastics, yoga and pilates exercises. 


We always start barefooted with a warm-up on a yoga mat. Then depending on the class, we put on our heels (or stay barefoot) and get ready for the fun to begin!  Each class consists of a warm up, pole tricks instruction, learning your routine, and a warm down. Each term you will learn a routine that combines all the new moves you have learned, with the option of performing it at the end of term for your friends and family. 


At the end of term, your teacher will tell you if you are able to move up to the next level. It's expected that you will repeat some levels, especially as you get to the higher levels, because there are so many skills to learn in pole dance that often one term per level is not enough to fully master the skills you need or to build your strength and flexibility for the requirements of the next level. 

lexy front hook no bac.png

B E G I N N E R S :

Our Beginners classes are for absolute first-timers. You will learn basic pole moves and floor work and get a taste for what’s in store! 
Wear comfortable active-wear (with your knees and feet bare/exposed). 
You can dance in bare foot or in heels.

No previous dance, strength or flexibility skills required.

lenka invert no bac.png

I N T E R M E D I A T E :

Strengthen your foundation pole moves and build your pole repertoire with new combinations and by going upside down!
You’ll be feeling fitter, stronger and more flexible and begin to notice muscle tone in places you never knew you had.

To move to the next level, students should be competent in the straight leg layback, invert, open leg jamilla, hello boys and spinning climbing.

kim outside leg hang_edited.png

H I G H   I N T E R  :

Don't be scared - the moves you'll learn may look gravity-defying, but you will be taught them in the safest possible manner, and only once you're ready. 
Learn how to invert from a climb, and how to hang from one leg - upside down!
We recommend 2 classes per week at this level.

To move to the next level, students should be competent in laybacks, have a confident climb into an invert, and be able to hold their inside and outside leg hangs.


P R E   A D V A N C E D :

Ok, so by now you're well and truly addicted to pole dancing. Don't worry - we understand. In this course, your desire to learn all the hardest tricks will be satisfied. Focusing on core strength and flexibility to help you perform the most impressive tricks to amaze your friends and family. You must be able to climb and invert confidently, and be confident with your outside and inside leg hangs.

Continue to work on your crazily impressive tricks such as Extended Butterfly, Jade Split and Twisted Grip Shoulder Mount to name a few.

To move to the next level, students should be able to do the splits and have a fairly flexible back and shoulders.

You should be confident in laybacks, have a confident aerial invert into a straddle on both sides, inside/outside leg hangs, superman, ballerina and caterpillar climbs.

Jade splits, allegra, ayesha, extended butterfly, darryl hannah & handstands on the pole.


A D V A N C E D :

To join Advanced we require you to submit a video entry. 

You will be learning some of the most advanced tricks in the industry. 

You must be able to do the splits.


By this level we recommend doing at least 2 classes per week.

E L I T E :

Invitation only. Entry to this class is via video submission only. You must check to see whether you have permission to enrol in this class.

For highly advanced pole professionals and/or competitive pole dancers.

Pole Dancers in this class do multiple classes per week.


S T R E T C H  &  F L E X :

Improve your strength and flexibility. We focus on active stretching and building muscle tone so that you can be as flexy as you can be. Classes can be taken as a term or casually and perfectly complement pole dance classes. You don’t need to be a pole dancer to benefit from these classes. All levels welcome

lenka invert no bac.png

C O N D I T I O N I N G :

In this class, you will focus on building strength. Students will be shown different ways to increase strength to reach specific pole moves such as inverts, and shoulder mounts, and will be shown how to build resistance for routines. This class will be 40 - 45 minutes of strength exercises and 15 - 20 minutes of stretching. Suitable for all levels.

The Black Light - GEORGIA MFCH2 0913 sma

T R I C K S  &  S P I N S :


Learn new and unusual pole tricks, spins and combos. In this class the teacher will demonstrate a difficult version and an easier modification of the spin. You will learn to join spins, tricks and transitions together.

Please check the timetable here to see which levels our Tricks & Spins classes are suitable for as they are all different. 

kim choreo 2 no bac.png

 I N T R O   T O   C H O R E O :

Learn a new routine each week. In our Intro to Choreo classes you will learn the basics of pole choreography and floor work. This class goes back to basics. Bring heels (if you have them, if not make sure you bring socks), and knee pads (you can buy these in the studio if you need to). It's a lot of fun!

Intro to Choreo is suitable for Beginner to Intermediate students or students who find they struggle with the choreography side of their classes.

P O L E   C H O R E O :

Learn a new routine each week. Our Pole Choreo classes combine cool and sexy pole tricks, floor work and transitions into a routine. Bring heels, leg warmers and knee pads (you can buy these in the studio if you need to). It's a lot of fun!


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