Are you an amateur pole dancer, wanting experience performing in front of an audience but too scared or nervous to enter a competition on a big stage yet? 


Then this is the mini comp for you! This is an in-house comp, meaning we won't be on a big stage.... it will be in one of our beautiful Pole Dance Academy studios. You will feel at home on the poles you normally dance on, cheered on by your fellow students! What better way to build up your confidence to perform on stage. You will be given feedback forms for your performance and will also have the opportunity to record your special show, to use as a video submission for the real thing!!! 

The winners of Pole Club 2021 will receive automatic entry into STEP UP 2022!
*To keep it fair for upcoming pole dancers, once a competitor has won a Pole Club at a particular studio, they are no longer eligible to enter a Pole Club at that studio again*