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Get all dressed up for the most fun you'll ever have working out! Shimmy & Sparkle’s online store is where you'll find the sexiest, most comfortable, durable and stylish pole dancing outfits. After all, getting dressed (or undressed!) for pole dancing is half the fun. These are pieces to help inspire you to be a better, stronger, more confident dancer. The result? A better, stronger, more confident you  — in or out of the studio.


It's amazing what a killer outfit can do. See for yourself! Shop our incredible collections of pole dancing wear. We carry some of the most fierce and fun outfits to ever grace the poles. It's all about making you feel great in your own skin! Every piece in our collection is designed to stretch when you stretch, bend when you bend and breathe when you breathe. It’s this uncompromising adaptability that makes them not only amazing to look at, but comfortable to work out in. Sure, you’ll be wearing high-performance athletic wear, but you'll look like you’re ready to take to the stage for a breathtaking performance!


From tops to bottoms and footwear, we’ve brought our favourite pieces together for you right here. Peruse as you please, find what you fancy, then meet us in class!


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EMAIL: info@poledanceacademy.com.au