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with your own PDA franchise

"I remember as a young corporate lawyer, moving to a new office with a harbour view. I thought, well this is nice, but where do I go next? The corner office? Shortly after, I made the life-changing decision to quit corporate law and open a pole studio. I never got the corner office. Instead, I travelled the world as a touring and performing pole dancer, built successful businesses, and created my dream career - one that didn't even exist when we first started. Taking that risk - quitting law to open Pole Dance Academy with my sister Maddie - was the best decision of my professional life."

Michelle Shimmy, co-founder of Pole Dance Academy 


Are you looking for a new challenge? Looking to escape your 9-5, to invest in yourself and build your business, with the support and security of knowing that you're following a proven business system?


You might be a pole dancer looking to build your career in the pole industry. Or you might be the owner of an existing pole studio, feeling a little lost, and looking for the support of a community to help grow your business. You might be new to the pole world, ready for a career change, and excited to dive into the vibrant world of pole dance... Whoever you may be, we are excited to meet you and explore the possibilities of opening your own Pole Dance Academy franchise!

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to run your own successful studio; to build your own community, inspire your students and transform their lives, all with the support of a PDA franchise community around you, celebrating your wins with you!

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We can't wait to meet you!

Pole Dance Academy started as a passion project. Obsessed with pole dance, Michelle Shimmy left her career in corporate law, and together with her sister Maddie Sparkle, they opened the first Pole Dance Academy in 2009, in Bondi Junction. They wanted to create a safe, welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment to share their love of pole dance; a beautiful space for students to discover and explore the magic of pole dance and its transformative effects on the body and soul.

Fast forward to more than a decade later, and Pole Dance Academy has become a thriving successful business, renowned the world over. Pole Dance Academy currently has four studios in Sydney, and has a thoroughly tried and tested business model.

"In our travels touring and instructing at pole studios around the world, we saw so many studios struggling to pay their bills and stay open. We realised studio owners were often dealing with issues we'd found solutions to, and that the systems we had developed had enabled us to build and grow our studios into the successful business it is today."

Maddie Sparkle, Co-Founder of Pole Dance Academy

Hit the ground running (and dancing!)

When you open a pole studio, the amount of work involved in setting up your business is enormous. First, you have to build your studio. At the same time, you have to create your systems, your business documents, your class documents, your employment agreements, your studio policies, as well as create a marketing plan, hire new staff and attract students... All of this before you even get to have a spin on your own poles! It's overwhelming. And a lot of work. 

But what if there were a way to gain access to everything you need to ensure you have a head start for when you open the doors to your beautiful new studio... Well, when you franchise with PDA, you get exactly that. And more. 

You'll receive access to everything you need to run your own PDA. But let's be real here - running a business is about so much more than just receiving a stack of documents. With a PDA franchise, you're not alone. You'll have training and support, as well as practical support and tips on how to make the most out of your studio, and create multiple revenue streams. 

Pole industry builders

No one knows the pole industry like Maddie & Shimmy! They've been students and studio owners, competition creators and competitors, touring instructors and online instructors - they really understand all aspects of the industry.

Event planning

Running your own in-house pole events is such an exciting and rewarding part of being a pole studio owner. Access our know-how and experience to ensure your events are the best they can be for your students, and successful and profitable for your business. 

Wholesale discounts

With our own pole wear brand, Shimmy & Sparkle, and our own grip, No Sweat Dry Grip, we can pass the savings on to you. Add to that access to our wholesale Pleaser account, knee pads, and other studio stock items, and you have everything you need to stock your studio store for additional studio income.

Ongoing Training & Support

Franchising with PDA is about more than just documents and templates. You'll have access to ongoing training and support, both in terms of admin and business, and instructor training via the PDA Instructor Training Program, designed by Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle, to ensure your instructors are world class.

Low entry costs

Your success is our success; we want to see you do well. Our approach is to build long term, successful franchise relationships, and as such we have kept your initial investment costs low. 

Building studios since 2009

At PDA, we build studios from the ground up. We know very well the unique challenges involved in building a studio from nothing, and we are perfectly positioned to help you do the same. We also know the common pitfalls in acquiring existing studios, so however you approach it, we've been there!

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Guide to opening your own PDA.

Get excited! Then send us an online enquiry!

You are here!

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Step 2.
We will get in touch to have a chat. If you sound like a good fit, we will send you an Expression of Interest Form and a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Step 3.
You fill in the Expression of Interest Form, sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and send them back to Pole Dance Academy. We send you a PDA Franchise Brochure and a Franchise Information Statement. 
We meet to get to know each other better and answer any questions you might have.
Step 4.
Step 5.
You pay a refundable fee and conduct your due diligence.
Step 6.

If we both decide to proceed you go to step 7. If you decide NOT to proceed, we refund the fee, and that’s the end of the process.

Step 7.
14 days after receiving the final franchise documents, the Franchise Agreement is signed, and the balance of fees are paid.
Step 8.
14-day government mandated cooling off period.
Step 9.
Onboarding is organised ready for you to commence trading.
Step 10.
Once you're ready to open your doors, we celebrate with a launch party!
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