Term 1 2022.

8 week term
Mon 10 January - Sun 6 March


  • You now book all of your classes individually.

  • You can still make a recurring booking of the same class each week so you are guaranteed to have a spot.

  • Or you can select days and times which you know you will be able to attend (perfect for shift workers, if you are sick, or going on holiday etc).

  • You will receive 1 credit for 1 class. E.g If you purchase a double course, you will receive 16 credits to book into 16 classes.

  • We still recommend booking the full term in advance, instead of booking week by week as you may miss out.

  • If you know you are going to be away, please cancel your booking for that day. You will not get your credit back to book into something else if you do not cancel with 6 or more hours notice. You will not be able to show up to a class and slot yourself in as a catch up like you used to. 

  • Don't forget to buy a Prepaid Package first, then book your classes in afterwards.