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10 - 15    J A N U A R Y    2 0 2 3

Make it your New Year's resolution to be the very best pole dancer you can be. We have designed a program to target all the skills you need to be the best, fittest, sexiest, strongest, most badass and most flexible pole dancer and performer you can be in 2023!

Come for the whole week, or just pop in for a couple of workshops. It's completely up to you. You can do one class, or 20! Design your own program to suit your needs and your budget. You can book classes individually, or purchase a Class Pass for discounts if you book 10 or more classes.


Whether you want tricks-based classes, flexibility training, choreo-based classes, floorwork,  handstands, a photo shoot - or all of the above - we have everything you need!

We know that booking a pole camp is a big deal - and we want you to know that PDA is a name you can trust. You can feel confident that your experience at PDA will be amazing - full of new discoveries, break-throughs, fun and friendship.

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10 - 15   J A N U A R Y   2 0 2 3

Learn from the world-class PDA instructors and our special guest instructors! 

All our instructors are amazing, experienced and reputable dancers to ensure

you get the most out of your classes.

Katy Eve

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Dirdy Birdy



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10 - 15 January
Summer Pole Camp.

4 days of workshops at the famous Pole Dance Academy & Bondi Beach

Packages from 1 to 20 classes available to suit all budgets and schedules.

15 January
Step Up. 

Our yearly camp competition. Get the experience of the "big stage"without the stress. This is a social competition open to campers and non-campers. 


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Caroline Cazcapstar

Caroline Cazcapstar.jpeg

Maddie Sparkle



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14 - 15 January
Classique Certification.

A two day course with Michelle Shimmy, Maddie Sparkle and the PDA team focussing on classique / sensual style movement, floorwork, grounded pole work, choreography, performance skills, pole dance, flexibility, movement in heels, transitions and much more.


All participants receive a detailed course manual and a certificate. 

Click here for more info.

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