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We have created a new way to book in for Summer Pole Camp 2021 to make sure you are getting the most out of your classes. We will be grouping students according to your level and experience for certain classes.



This level is for anyone who is struggling to invert on the pole. We will be working on moves from the floor as well as working on correct technique and learning to invert safely. We will going through the basics and teaching you everything you need to know to get those tricks you want so badly.

Pre Advanced

For this level you will need to be able to invert safely on both sides. We will be teaching moves up the pole and adding combinations of moves together. You will need to have a basic level of flexibility and strength to join this level. We recommend 2 years experience.


In this level you will need to be able to invert safely up the pole on both sides. You will also be required to do advanced moves like shoulder mounts and static V’s. You must have be strong and confident on the pole ready for some tricky combos and movements. Your understanding and level of flexibility should be advanced and practised.

All levels

Any students can attend classes marked with all levels. There classes are designed for anyone with a basic level of pole experience. You will meet so many polers in these classes so get ready to mingle!


This will mean that you can easily work out which classes and which studio you should book in for. Just remember that we advise allowing 1 hour travel time between studios. It normally takes us only 30-40 mins but if you don’t know your way around we would hate for you to get lost and miss a class. Try to stick to one studio per day or only change studios during the breaks. This will make your camp experience much easier and you can get the most out of each day.



Dirty, Sexy Floorwork

In this workshop you will learn a choreographed routine. You will need stripper heels and knee pads. This routine is based on the floor so you will not need any pole skills. You will learn different types of rolls, and transitions to get around the floor in a sexy sometimes dirty and very naughty style. This workshop is ideal for anyone dreaming about entering Dance Filthy one day or just wanting to get a little sensual.

Exotic Pole

In this class we will teach you a routine with technical exotic style pole and floorwork. You will need knee pads and heels for this class. The routines will be sexy and smooth. You will learn to dance in the Pole Dance Academy style made famous by Maddie Sparkle and Michelle Shimmy.

Pole Choreo

In this workshop you will combine cool and sexy pole tricks, floor work and transitions into a routine. Bring heels, leg warmers and knee pads (you can buy these in the studio if you need to). It's a lot of fun!

Chair Dance

If you want to not only learn the skills to chair dance and lap dance, then this is the class for you! Bring your heels and some knee pads and wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Leggings are suitable for this one too. 

Stretch & Flex

In this workshop you will improve your strength and flexibility. We focus on active stretching and building muscle tone so that you can be as flexy as you can be.

Splits & Tricks

In this class you will learn how to transition though your tricks and splits. You will learn combinations that can include a climb into a split and then linking them flawlessly without coming down from the pole. In this class we aim to create pole combos with a series of moves in one smooth transition from floor to pole and back to the floor.


Splits On The Pole

We love crazy splits moves on the pole! And we know dozens of them, and you will learn some of them too by the end of this workshop. Learn how to showcase your very best split in some fabulous split combos.


Tricks and Spins

Learn new and unusual pole tricks, spins and combos. In this class the teacher will demonstrate a difficult version and an easier modification of the spin. You will learn to join spins, tricks and transitions together.


Work on developing your core strength and stability with this workshop. Learn a variety of balances, including headstands, forearm stands, planches and handstands. Handstands compliment pole perfectly! Learn our secrets to getting your core crazy strong. All levels welcome.

In folder


Resistance Band stretches

You can increase your flexibility with the use of resistance bands. Using these bands we will guide you through some amazing stretches that will help to open up your hip flexors, loosen your hamstrings and increase shoulder mobility.


Justin Tran Photoshoot

Get ready and head down to the beautiful Bondi Beach for an afternoon of pole with Justin Tran. Get dolled up and bring your model attitude with you! Justin Tran will be setting up the X- Stage so you can capture some of the hard-won results of your Summer School workout in photographs to show your grandkids. His work is spectacular and Bondi Beach is the perfect location to be the backdrop of your favourite pole tricks.

Blacklight Photoshoot

Feel like the superstar you were always destined to be with a studio photo shoot by the Blacklight! This shoot will take place in the Alexandria studio against the cyclorama for that extra fancy look!