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Amateur & Semi Pro 

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Bon Bon Strip Club

 6 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 

*Entries close 1st of July*

Finalists announced on 7th of July

This competition is designed for all Amateur & Semi Professionals. 


This competition is video entry, please make sure they do not exceed 3 minutes limit. Your video submission will be judged and successful entries will be notified.

Videos MUST be on YouTube or Vimeo. Downloadable files are not allowed. Videos may be unlisted on youtube, but not private.​

For more information regarding which level to enter - please read the National Competition Eligibility standards HERE

Please email us at if you have any questions!

Exotic Pole Star Entry Guidelines

Exotic Pole Star Judging Criteria

Exotic Pole Star Rules 


Welcome to a unique pole competition where engaging performances and embracing classique style dancing take center stage. Let your artistry shine as you captivate the audience with grace and elegance. Push boundaries, evoke emotions, and leave an indelible mark. Get ready to redefine the essence of pole dancing and create an unforgettable experience.
Let the magic begin!

What is Exotic Pole Star?

Introducing "Exotic Pole Star" - a thrilling pole dancing competition that pays homage to the roots of this mesmerizing art form and embraces the classic stripper style that has shaped the sport into what it is today. This one-of-a-kind competiton takes pole dancing back to its origins in the strip club, acknowledging and honoring the strippers who paved the way and made pole dancing accessible to a wider audience.

Exotic Pole Star is a celebration of sensuality, strength, and creativity. It showcases the raw talent and exceptional skills of pole dancers & Sex Workers who have mastered the art of captivating an audience through performance. By returning to the foundations of pole dancing, this competition embraces the unique style, grace, and seductive allure that began in the clubs.

This event is safe and inclusive space for both Sex Workers & pole dancers as well as aspiring enthusiasts to showcase their talents. It encourages participants to explore and express their individuality through their routines, while highlighting the importance of honoring the legacy of the strip club industry.


Exotic Pole Star not only celebrates the athleticism and artistry of pole dancing but also recognizes the social impact that strippers have had on the development of this captivating sport. It aims to break the stigma surrounding stripping by acknowledging the skill, dedication, and creativity required to perform at the highest level in this profession.

The competition features a diverse panel of judges, including pole dancers, industry professionals, and strippers who have made a significant impact on the art form.

Through Exotic Pole Star, the aim is to remind audiences and participants alike of the crucial role that strippers have played in shaping pole dancing into a respected and celebrated sport. By returning to the roots of pole dancing and embracing the classic stripper style, this competition encourages everyone to appreciate and honor the legacy of those who made pole dancing accessible to a diverse range of performers and fans today. 

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