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Lvl 2, 110 Botany Road,


NSW 2015


Lvl 3, 28 Clarke Street,

Crows Nest

NSW 2065


88 Bronte Road,

Bondi Junction

NSW 2022


3/384 Pittwater Road,


NSW 2100


The Alexandria and Bondi Junction studios are a 25min train ride apart. Including walking to the station it can be about 40-45 min by train from door to door. To be safe you should give yourself 45 minutes travel time to move between studios. Do not book in for consecutive classes at one studio and then the other, because you won’t make it in time.

The closes train station to Alexandria is Redfern and is about a 15min walk. The closest station to Bondi Junction is Bondi Junction which is a 10min walk. 


If you have a car it takes 15 minutes to drive between the 2 studios, however with Sydney traffic being quite unpredictable we would ensure allowing 30 mins.

Driving to Crows Nest takes approx 15-20mins from both the Bondi Junction studio and Alexandria. Please allow 30mins. On public transport it takes approx 40-45mins door to door from either Alexandria or Bondi Junction.


Driving to Manly takes approx 40mins from both the Bondi Junction studio and Alexandria and 30 mins from the Crows Nest Studio. Please allow extra time when travelling to Manly. On public transport it can take quite a bit longer and can be accessed via bus or ferry.

To plan your trip via public transport we suggest using the Sydney Trip Planner app or website:


When booking accomodation we reccomend either picking a location close to one of the studios you might be spending the most time at, or pick somewhere in the middle, close to a station or bus stop to make it easy to get around. Busses, trains, taxi's and ubers are all quite good in Sydney and timing wise its safe to stay anywhere city and still be close to a Pole Dance Academy.

If you are using Air bnb or an online hotel search, we recommend basing your search around the suburbs of either Bondi, Bondi Junction, Alexandria or Crows Nest.
Backpackers accomodation ranges from approx $60-90AUD per night.
Cheap hotels or appartments can range from $100-200AUD per night.


Join the Summer Pole Camp Facebook group and partner up with other pole dancers who are looking for accomodation share buddies too!