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5 Surprising Ways Pole Dance Can Benefit Your Body & Mind

Anyone who has ever watched a pole dance performance will know that pole dancers are

insanely strong, flexible and fit. The upper body and core strength required to climb and invert, flip and drop, and spin your entire body weight around the pole with only one arm is crazy!

Pole dance will improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase your muscle tone and burn calories.

But did you know that the benefits of pole dance extend beyond just the physical?

Self confidence & Strength

As an instructor at Pole Dance Academy, one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is watching students transform from shy, body-conscious beginners, to confident, body-positive pole dancers in a matter of months. At first, the idea of dancing in a tiny outfit not much bigger than a bikini might sound like your worst nightmare!

So how can pole dance improve your body image and self confidence?

Well, the answer is quite simple. In a pole class, the focus is not on how your body looks, but rather on what it can do. It’s all about building the strength and flexibility to achieve challenging pole tricks, and there is no greater feeling of satisfaction than finally pulling off a crazy pole trick. In pole class, you’re constantly seeing the results of all your hard work as you get stronger and more flexible. Before you know it, you’re performing skills you would never have dreamed possible. Hanging from one leg? Easy! Lifting your entire body weight over your head? Piece of cake!

All these achievements make you see your body in a new light - as an incredible machine capable of achieving extraordinary feats. And suddenly, you start to appreciate your body more. You feel proud of your achievements. And you start to feel really happy with your body and your own abilities. It’s a wonderful feeling.

2. The benefits of flexibility

A lot of people neglect flexibility training, preferring to focus on weights or cardio. But joint and muscular flexibility is extremely important to health and well being. Some of the benefits of flexibility training include: injury prevention, better posture, reduced back/neck pain, general well being, freedom of movement, as well as flow on benefits in relation to other sports or activities due to a better range of movement. Stretching to prepare for a pole class is the perfect antidote to a day spent in the office at a desk!

3. Preventing osteoporosis

Pole dance is weight training - you work with your own body weight as you climb, invert and spin. Research has found that weight training can increase spinal bone mineral density, which is a great defence against osteoporosis, and particularly important in women over the age of 40.

Healthy, strong, pole dancing muscles can mean stronger and healthier bones - so put your dancing shoes on and let's pole dance!

4. Me Time Please! Now!

A lot of my students at the Pole Dance Academy are busy women with demanding careers, which they often have to balance with family needs as well. Their lives can be hectic at times, and escaping to the studio to dance out the worries of everyday life is a great way to release stress and improve well being. When they're at the studio, it’s all about catching up with pole friends, training, dancing and feeling good about your achievements. It’s the perfect way to get in some important “me time”.

5. Exploring your inner goddess

The origins of pole dance are undeniably sexy. Some people feel uncomfortable with the sexier side of pole, but personally I love it! There are so many benefits in taking a class in sensual movement.

Owning your own sexuality and sensuality is incredibly empowering. Its also liberating to be able to explore learn to appreciate the beauty of your own body in a supportive environment. In a society that constantly tells women how to behave and monitors female sexuality, taking a pole class and claiming back your own sensuality can be an amazing feeling.

But whether you enjoy sensual style dance or not, there is no better way to feel confident and sexy than to see your strength and flexibility improve with each class you take. You’ll discover a new side to yourself - and never look back!

So come take a pole dance class with us at Pole Dance Academy - you'll love it, and you'll see for yourself all these benefits and many more!

Michelle Shimmy xxx

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