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What’s your pole nemesis move?

How to turn your most hated moves into your most favourite moves!

I think everyone has a long list of nemesis moves - for me, my middle splits were my biggest nemesis for a long time! But it’s funny how when you finally overcome your own mental blocks and achieve your goals, the moves you used to hate become the moves you love most!

I used to hate middle splits, and I never trained them because they made me feel bad about my flexibility. Then one day I realised how silly it was to be sad about being bad at something I never put any effort into. So I started stretching my middle splits as though they were my favourite stretch to do... and what do you know, they improved 😊.

So often we are our own worst enemies and we create our own obstacles 100% in our own minds. It’s all about reframing your perspective. Instead of telling yourself “I can’t do this move,” try telling yourself “I’m excited to be working on improving this move and I can’t wait til I can do it beautifully!”

Thinking positively can really turn your attitude around, and it’s amazing what you can achieve when you stop blocking yourself.

My current nemesis moves are Bird of Paradise (shoulder injury), Russian Split (slippery feet), fonji (too chicken) and spatchcock (just never got around to it!).

Do you guys have any ex-nemesis moves that have since become your favourites? Do you have any current nemesis moves that you are trying to work on? Let me know!

Shimmy xx

Ps if flexibility is a struggle for you, try downloading Maddie and my flexibility tutorials - you’ll make loads of progress towards all of your flexibility goals!

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