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Surviving Pole Camp! The Complete Guide

Handstands with Maddie Sparkle at Bondi Beach

The Pole Dance Academy Summer Pole Camp is 7 days of fun-filled pole craziness! It's an amazing time to be in Sydney. It's summer time, the weather is beautiful, everyone is on vacation - the summer vibe in Sydney is the best!

And what better way to spend summer in Sydney than training at Pole Dance Academy at our Summer Pole Camp? Once you've booked in, there are a few things you can do to plan your time at PDA Summer Camp and make the most of the experience.

Tip 1: Buy a Class Pass

You'll make huge savings when you buy a Class Pass instead of booking your classes individually. With a 25 Class Pass, classes are only $20 each instead of $35. That's a bargain!

Tip 2: Plan your schedule wisely

Save on travel time by choosing a block of classes at one studio. If you plan to visit two studios in one day, make sure you allow sufficient travel time between studios. All our studios are approximately 45 mins apart depending on traffic. So you won't be able to get from a Bondi Junction 5:30 class in time to take an Alexandria class at 6:30. Try to pick 2-3 classes in a row at the same studio.

Tip 3: Pole slowly!

Don't go all out on day 1, you have a full 7 days to survive. To get the most you can from each class, try to attempt moves as instructed by the teacher. We recommend a maximum of 3 attempts for some moves. Remember you can take notes and try again once you are back home in your own studio using the correct technique and tips you have learnt at Summer Camp.

Tip 4: Stay warm between classes

We recommend using a back warmer if you plan on warming up multiple times during the day. Back warmers can help with muscles tightening up and cramping. They are available at the studio.

Tip 5: Bring knee pads for all choreo classes

This is an important rule. Save your knees!

Tip 6: Check out local cafes and restaurants

We have so many great cafes and food courts at Bondi Junction and Crows Nest just a short walk from the studios. The best places to eat near the Alexandria studio are all located on Redfern street, just a 15 minute walk away. If you plan on going further out then try uber.

Splits with Maddie Sparkle at Bondi Beach

Tip 7: Where to stay?

Booking an AirBnB is the best way to feel like a true Sydneysider. Choose one in Bondi or Bondi Junction if you plan on exploring the coast and getting in some beach time.

If you are just here to pole dance then Alexandria, Redfern or Surry Hills are great choices! Make sure you choose one with WIFI so you can stay in touch and plan your days.

Tip 8: Get to know the PDA instructors!

Check out the Instagram accounts so you get a feel for who you are booking in with. Click on each name to see who your teacher will be. All of our teachers are amazing!


PDA teachers at Bondi

We are also running a competition on the Saturday night! You can buy tickets through the website. You will get to see all of your favourite PDA instructors perform too!

Tip 9: Make time to do a few important things!

Order some Pleaser shoes through our website so you can pick them up on your first day at pole camp. We have plenty of Shimmy and Sparkle Merch at reception so don't be shy to ask if you can take a look. We stock dry hands, itac and tite grip.

So plan ahead and you can stock up on everything you need before camp!

Pics with friends at Bondi Beach Michelle Shimmy

Tip 10: Make friends during your class!

Make sure you introduce yourself to the other students in your classes so you have some new friends to enjoy your off-the-pole time with. We have a Facebook group to help you connect. Just join and introduce yourself. You can also a questions there if our staff are busy maybe a student can help out with your question.

Tip 11: Visit the Bondi Pole!

It's located at the north end of the beach and it's a must-see for all pole dancers visiting Sydney. Take some pics at the Bondi Pole and hastag #bondipole and #pdasummerpolecamp so we can see what you are up to! Remember to bring some dry hands it gets pretty salty and slippery.

Tip 12: Research Public Transport

Know where you are staying and plan how to get in between the studios. Use the NSW Trip Planner to plan your routes around Sydney.

MEGA TIP: The most important thing to remember for all outdoor classes is sunscreen. Especially on Sunday Bumday!!!

Can't wait to see you in January 2018 and of course if you have not booked in yet then just click here:

Sunday Bumday at Bondi Beach

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