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G E T   F I T   T H E   F U N   W A Y

Welcome to Pole Dance Academy!

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Winter Special:
Unlimited Membership

We're so excited for you to really level up over winter! Work up a sweat this winter and get in the best shape of your life - fit, strong and flexible!


Take unlimited classes and practice sessions in June, July and August for only $96 per week, and spend those dreary winter days nice and toasty in the studio with your PDA fam!

Book a trial class:


You're one step closer to experiencing the magic of pole dance at Pole Dance Academy!


We will be in touch to help you book a trial class, or you can go ahead and book online using the booking system below.


If you'd like to bring a friend for free, click on the button below and fill in the form with your friend's details, and we will add them to your class free of charge. 

We can't wait to meet you!

The PDA Team xx

Welcome to your new obsession!


If working out at the gym has always felt like a chore, then we are about to rock your world. Training at Pole Dance Academy is not just a work out, it's a way of life, and it's a community. You're about to discover a whole world of fun and laughter, new pole besties, and a feeling of self-confidence you may never have known before.


You're about to unlock skills you never dreamed possible. You're going to discover your inner goddess (or god), and feel amazing in your skin. You're going to be awe-struck at what your body is capable of. You're going to find your wings, and we will teach you how to unfold them and fly.

Alis volat propriis - she flies on her own wings

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Pole Dance Academy is available ONLINE

Fill out the form below for info about PDA Online.
PDA Online has classes on the pole (if you have a pole at home) and off the pole!

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