So, you want to come to Australia for a pole dance adventure? Some things you should know...

The Pole Dance Academy Summer Pole Camp is only 7 months away, so you might want to start planning now! But before you do, there are a few important things you need to know...

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The Pole Dance Academy Summer Pole Camp starts on the 8th of January 2018, and runs until the 14th of January 2018. So if you are from Europe or the USA, you would be expecting winter right? Wrong! January is the best time to visit Australia, so while all your friends are at home freezing through winter, you will be running along Bondi Beach doing handstands and enjoying cocktails in the sun till 8pm with me and Shimmy! Just make sure you have the cocktails after the handstands :)

Australian summers are sunny and hot. This means that the first thing on your list of things to pack for an Australian summer is sun cream, and make sure you put it on before you venture outside (even if it looks cloudy or overcast). You can start to get a sunburn after only ten minutes in the sun, and pole dancing with sun burn is definitely not fun.

Pack a beach towel or buy one on your first day. At Summer Pole Camp, many of our workshops (including handstands, splits and acro balance) are held in the morning down at Bondi Beach. For these classes, remember to bring your sun cream, a towel, and your bikini. We often get so hot that you will be dying for a swim after.

​Bondi Beach is famous for its beautiful sand and sparkling water, as well as its shops, cafes and boutiques. You'll love exploring the area, swimming and shopping in between your pole workshops.

There is also an outdoor gym down at Bondi Beach, and it even has a pole! No matter what time of day it is, you will always find people working out down there, pole dancing or just doing some yoga. It's the perfect place to make friends with Aussie locals. Australians are pretty open minded and often people will stop and applaud you for doing a dead lift by the beach. Our pole even has it's own instagram account @Bondipole

You can also follow all of our Pole Dance Academy instructors at @poledanceacademy

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But what about the sharks and spiders??? These are the first things every person asks me when I travel overseas: Have you seen a shark? Do you have a pet spider? The answer is no! I spend every day of summer down and Bondi Beach and I have never seen a shark. I have two dogs but no pet spiders. I have never been biten by a spider and I also hate those guys so if spiders were running around here I would have moved by now!


Where should you stay? My next piece of advice is about finding a place to stay. I recommend trying Air bnb