Michelle Shimmy.

Maddie Sparkle.


Michelle Shimmy is a Sydney-based, internationally-renowned pole performer, entertainer, judge, MC  and instructor. Shimmy co-owns the Pole Dance Academy with her sister Maddie Sparkle. Shimmy is the co-creator and co-owner of two international competitions, Pole Theatre (the world's largest competition with over 16 countries participating), and Dance Filthy.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • APDM Top 5 pole dancers in Australia 2016/17,

  • IPDFA Industry person of the year award 2015,

  • UPA Poler of the year award 2015

  • Miss Pole Dance Australia finalist 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 & 2017

  • Miss Pole Dance Australia First Runner Up 2013

  • Australian Pole Dance Champion Doubles Division

  • Australian Pole Fitness Championships Doubles Champion

  • Guest Performer at countless events around the world

  • International Judge

  • Xpert Teacher Trainer & Pole Dance Academy Training

  • Teaches International Workshops

  • Series of Pole & Stretch Tutorials

Favourite Food: Vegemite on toast

Something you're working on: The ever elusive Rainbow Marchenko

Pole dancing since: 2006

Teaching since: 2009

What is your teaching specialty: Breaking down moves and identifying small corrections that need to be made for students to achieve their nemesis move.


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Maddie loves pole dancing, the splits, pizza and her dogs. Maddie's grace and physique are a source of inspiration for her students. She is known for her amazing flexibility and strength and is a patient and encouraging teacher, always ready to guide you through a new move. Maddie tours internationally and performs, judges and teaches workshops all over the world.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • APDM Top 5 pole dancers in Australia 2016/17,

  • 2nd in MPDA 2015, 2nd MPDA NSW,

  • 3rd at the ACPC 2011,

  • semi-finalist at IPC 2012,

  • 1st place Pole Dance Universe Public Competition in Denver.

  • Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist 2018,2017,2016

  • Guest Performer at countless events around the world

  • International Judge

  • Xpert Teacher Trainer & Pole Dance Academy Training

  • Teaches International Workshops

  • Series of Pole & Stretch Tutorials

Favourite Food: Pizza

Something you're working on: Online tutorials

Pole dancing since: 2006

Teaching since: 2009

What is your teaching specialty: Breaking  things down and making hard things seem achievable.


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Moni first started pole 2007 while traveling Argentina. It was love at first sight so when she returned to Colombia she and her bestie opened the first pole studio in Colombia. She loves sharing how pole brings so much fun and positive change to lives. In 2010 Moni competed in Miss Pole Dance SA which encouraged her to then create Miss Pole Dance Colombia. Moving to Sydney in 2014 Moni started teaching at PDA. Sexy style is her favourite and she loves to freestyle!

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Judge Miss Pole Face Glamour 2011

  • Guest performer Miss Pole Face Glamour 2011

  • Judge Miss pole dance South America (Brazil) 2011

  • Pole Club Judge

  • Choreographed dance filthy opening number 2017

  • Dancing in Mario Turco's Pole Theatre show 2018

  • Danced in numerous Dance Filthy & Pole Theatre opening numbers​

Favourite Food: Veggies, Sushi, Greek and Indian cuisines

Something you're working on: Studying Natropath and Herbal Medicine

Pole dancing since: 2007 

Teaching since:  

What is your teaching specialty: I love teaching Pre Advanced, Pole Choreo, and sexy fluid routines.


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After 18 years of ballet, Cami started pole in Oct 2015 in France and immediately fell in love with it! She moved to Australia in 2016 and quickly started teaching at PDA. She likes lyrical, contemporary and sexy style of pole. For her, Pole Dancing is a perfect mix between workout, art, femininity and grace. She's a fun and supportive teacher who thinks there's nothing better than seeing students nailing moves and developing trust in themselves.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Pole Superstar 2017: 2nd place

  • Pole Theatre Syd 2017: SemiPro Comedy Winner

  • Pole Theatre Syd 2018: Pro Drama Winner & Overall Champion

  • Pole Theatre World 2019: Pro Drama Finalist

  • Pole Club Judge

  • Step Up Judge

  • Guest performer at Step Up

  • Guest performer at Midsummer Nights Dream

  • Dance Filthy and Pole Theatre opening number performer

  • Certified PDA Instructor

Favourite Food: Raclette (French melted cheese), juicy cheese burgers with chips and Diet Coke

Something you're working on: Everything! Especially improving my flexibility, to know some static combos and to improve my exotic skills :) 

Pole dancing since: 2015

Teaching since: 2016

What is your teaching specialty: Contemporary routines and preparation for competitions.


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Sarah has been part of PDA since her first lesson in 2015. She fell in love with the combination of flexibility, strength and freedom of expression that makes pole so beautiful. Sarah is a supportive and encouraging teacher who believes that every student has untapped potential to be discovered and shared. She believes that pole can add purpose to your life and that it is never too late to start!

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • B Applied Science (Exercise & Sport Science)

  • M Nutrition & Dietetics

  • PDA Certified Teacher

Favourite Food: Cheese!

Something you're working on: Middle splits and learning to handstand without face planting!

Pole dancing since: 2015

Teaching since: 2016

What is your teaching specialty: Flexy tricks


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Originally from Poland, Magda first tried pole for fitness in 2013. It instantly became her biggest addiction! Once she moved to Australia she soon discovered pole could be feminine and sexy. Her style now ranges from trickster to beautiful exotic dancer. Students love her bubbly personality, funny accent, and passion for pole. She loves seeing students grow and become better versions of themselves. Don't let her trackies & jumpers fool you, she transforms from tomboy civil engineer, to one sensual kitty.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Podium Goddess 2018- winner (freestyle division)

  • Sexy's back 2018- winner

  • Choreographed dance filthy opening number 2017

  • Dancing in Mario Turco's Pole Theatre show 2018

  • Danced in numerous Dance Filthy and Pole Theatre opening numbers​

Favourite Food: Fresh juices and smoothies

Something you're working on: Miss Pole Dance NSW 2020

Pole dancing for: 5 years

Teaching for: 2 years

What is your teaching specialty: Floorwork


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Chilli Rox.



Chilli Rox started pole dancing in 2004 making her one of Australia's original pole dancers!! With a background in jazz ballet, drama and singing but now famous as an MC, she's travelled the world performing and hosting shows, cabarets and events. Chilli has a high energy, fun & vibrant personality that will push you to try things you never thought you’d be able to do, and with over 10 years of pole teaching experience and the skills to match, you're in safe hands with "The hostess with the mostest"!

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Pole Theatre Comedy Winner 2018

  • Pole Theatre Comedy Winner 2017

  • Choreographer of Miss Pole Dance Australia opening

  • Choreographer of multiple MPD heat openings

  • International MC

  • Judge for multiple competitions

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Something you're working on: 

Pole dancing since: 2004

Teaching since: 15 years (or maybe even longer!)

What is your teaching specialty: 


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Naty started pole dancing in Peru in 2011, one year later, it became more than a passion, but a way of life. By 2014 Naty had visited Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and New York pole studios to build her knowlege and expertise. As a pole dancer and studied psychologist it was Naty's dream to start her own pole studio to help other woman improve their self-esteem and confidence, empowering them to do what they love without caring about stereotypes around pole dancing. In 2016 she decided to travel to Sydney to take classes at PDA to improve her style and discover more things around “dancing in heels”.
Following her dream, she was one of the first promoters of the sexy style in heels (Classique) in Peru and also diffused chair dance, lap dance and strip dance. Thanks to this, she has now become one of the most renowned exponents of this style in Peru.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • PDA Certified Teacher

  • Multiple Dance Filthy opening numbers

  • Back up dancer in Mario Turco's Pole Theatre 

Favourite Food: Pizza and Tim Tams

Something you're working on: Pole tricks based on strength

Pole dancing since: 2011

Teaching since: 2013

What is your teaching specialty: Classique or sexy style, slow choreos on the pole and floorwork


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Georgia was obsessed with pole from her class in 2012. 3 months later she entered her first competition and has since competed in many competitions in Sydney. A gymnast for 11 years, her style is acrobatic and tricks based. In 2016 she joined the PDA family letting her sexy side show! Known for being super flexible, she loves how pole keeps her fit and happy no gym required. A fun and encouraging instructor, her students are always laughing, having a good time and growing from shy beginners to strong confident dancers.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Newcastle PDC 1st Runner up Amateur, 2012

  • NewcastlePDC 1st Place Intermediate 2013

  • Step Up 1st Runner up Amateur 2016

  • Dance Filthy opening number 2017, 2018

  • Miss Pole Dance NSW 2019 Finalist

  • Pole Dance Academy Instructor Training Certified

Favourite Food: Gelato Messina

Something you're working on: Finding my freestyle flow

Pole dancing since: 2012

Teaching for: 3 years

What is your teaching specialty: Flexy tricks


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Zaneta discovered pole dancing in 2010, in her hometown - Rockhampton. While feeling very uncoordinated and completely out of her comfort zone she quickly became obsessed with the art of pole and not long after began instructing. In 2016 Zaneta moved to Sydney to manage and instruct at PDA. As an instructor Zaneta is very patient and loves helping & seeing her students grow each week! She has since taken to the stage in multiple competitions. Zaneta loves the freedom and confidence pole brings.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Pole Theatre Amateur Finalist

  • Pole Superstar Finalist

  • Sexy's Back Finalist

Favourite Food: Nutella and nutie

Something you're working on: Building my flexibility back after an injury

Pole dancing for: 9 years

Teaching for: 7 years

What is your teaching specialty: Breaking down movements so that they are easy to understand


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Arabelle is a pharmacy nerd by day and pole dancer by night. She took her first pole dancing class at PDA in 2018, wanting to try something different after having been a competitive cheerleader for 6 years. Pole quickly became Arabelle’s passion, spending as much time as possible in the studio to improve her skills. Arabelle has a love of all aspects of pole dancing, especially flexy tricks up the pole and sensual floorwork. She also loves the pole community and the many friendships she has made along the way. Arabelle believes teaching is the perfect way to share this with others who are new to pole dancing.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • PDA Certified Instructor​

  • Pole Club Alexandria 2019 champion

  • Risqué pole competition Miss Flexibility 2019

Favourite Food: Japanese

Something you're working on: Improving strength based tricks, including the infamous Iron X

Pole dancing since: 2018

Teaching since: 2020

What is your teaching specialty: Back bendy tricks but most importantly being friendly and relatable


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Siggy began pole in 2013, as a way to get fit and have fun. After a year, she moved to PDA where she fell in love with the sexier style of pole. She began teaching in early 2015 and is an encouraging & passionate instructor. Siggy loves to watch her students grow in confidence, and helping them to achieve amazing gravity-defying tricks they never imagined possible! Never dancing without heels, Siggy is a beautiful dancer, amazing her audience with the fun and sexy side of pole she loves so much.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Dance Filthy 2nd Runner Up 2018

  • Sexy's Back Finalist 2018

  • Mid Summer Nights Dream 2nd Runner Up 2018

  • Dance Filthy Finalist 2019

Favourite Food: Oysters and Pizza

Something you're working on: Flexibility and Floorwork

Pole dancing for: 6 years

Teaching for: 5 years

What is your teaching specialty: Breaking down moves, focussing on technique, and conditioning


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Lenka discovered pole dancing in London, when an antigravity yoga Groupon voucher led her to a pole studio, which has quickly become her daily retreat from the stresses of a big city corporate life. Since moving to Sydney in 2017, she has found love for skinny brass spinning poles, sexy style and heels! She finds flexibility training to be the most exciting part of her pole journey, understanding how our bodies can transform through correct training and perseverance. Having started teaching in January 2018, she finds nothing more satisfying than seeing her students grow from baby polers to confident, strong, mesmerising pole goddesses.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Spin City Pole Dance Instructor/Flexibility/Physiology & Anatomy

  • ElevatED Flexibility

Favourite Food: Salmon and Vegan Chocolate

Something you're working on: The perfect needle scale and Eagle

Pole dancing since: 2013

Teaching since: 2018

What is your teaching specialty: Breaking down moves into key technique points, looking for those little things that can change a nay to yay

Anna started as a beginner pole dancer at Pole Dance Academy in 2012 and fell in love immediately. She was asked to become a teacher in 2014 and likes nothing more than seeing students come out of their shell and grow into a confident dancer. Her specialities are handstands and sexy flexy dancing. Her students know that the way to her heart is through pointing their toes! Expect to have a laugh in her class and leave with a smile on your face.
Anna started gymnastics at the age of 5 and 
won the national championships in sports acrobatics 3 years in a row. She started teaching gymnastics at the age of 14 and it was her responsibility to choreograph all the gymnasts floor routines.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • National championships in sports acrobatics 3 years in a row

Favourite Food: Cheese platter with wine

Something you're working on: Competing next year once I've finished my masters degree

Pole dancing since: 2012

Teaching since: 2014

What is your teaching specialty: Inversions, flexy moves and making sure everyone is laughing throughout the class


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Chris Talbot (Blue Phoenix).

Having a background in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance led Chloe to try pole dancing 7 years ago, which ignited her love for dance all over again. Quickly becoming pole obsessed, she jumped back into training, focusing on strength and flexibility. After a couple years of dancing at different studios, she fell in love from the first class at Pole Dance Academy and hasn’t looked back. Combining sensual and contemporary movement learnt over her time in the studio, Chloe has developed her own style of alluring and fluid choreography which she loves to share with her students. As a qualified personal trainer, she has a very focused approach to training, always working on balancing strength and flexibility. Chloe also loves to see her students succeed and smile through each class, helping students achieve goals and breakthroughs with challenging moves is why she loves to teach. 

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • PDA Certified Instructor

  • Cert IV in Fitness and Personal Training

Favourite Food: Pasta and chocolate

Something you're working on: My nemesis move, the shoulder mount and entering my first comp!

Pole dancing for: 7 years

Teaching for: 4 years

What is your teaching specialty: Breaking down moves and pole choreo


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Chris (Blue Phoenix) began pole dancing after buying an online voucher for a lesson in 2012 - and has never looked back! A doctor in Marine Science, turned personal trainer and fitness model, it was an unusual but smooth and exciting transition into the world of pole dance teaching and performing. Now with his own freelance business - Blue Phoenix Pole & Fitness - Chris teaches at a number of studios in Sydney, and performs regularly for various venues and events. He also teaches workshops and performs nationally and internationally. He has competed in many competitions around Australia and internationally, and also judges for pole competitions globally! His style is a combination of strength and flex, and ooey gooey erotic leg work.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • 2019 Dance Filthy Pro Champion

  • 2018 Mr Pole Dance World 3rd

  • 2017 Felix Cane Pole Championships 1st

  • 2016 Pole Theatre Sydney Pro Classique Champion

  • 2016 Newcastle Pole Dancing Championships mens 1st

  • 2016 Mr Pole Dance World 2nd

  • 2015 Mr Pole Dance World 3rd

  • 2014 Mr Pole Dance World Champion

  • Pole Theatre Japan Judge 

  • Pole Theatre USA Judge 

  • Miss Pole Dance NSW/ACT/SA Judge 

  • Dance Filthy Pro/Amateur Judge

Favourite Food: Enchiladas and Vodka

Something you're working on: Always trying to keep developing my flow and floorwork skills, and lots of leggy movements and waves

Pole dancing since: 2012

Teaching for: 6 years

What is your teaching specialty: Flexi tricks and leg work


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Aliky loves anything movement, dance, pole and all things floorwork, split based, and exotic. She loves to share her passion for dance, as it’s nourishment for anyone's soul and an ever replenishing source of contentment and joy. Aliky has been pole dancing since 2016 during sneaky lunch time breaks at work and became obsessed. She has competed in a few floor and pole based competitions and recently placed as sponsors choice in Sexy's Back. Aliky is a former competitive gymnast at state and national levels and aerobic competitor and is now based in Sydney, living by the beach with her son.  As a certified Yoga Alliance teacher, Aliky is a knowledgable instructor at Pole Dance Academy and has a through understanding of the body and movement.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Sponsors Choice Sexy's Back

  • 2020 Shimmy & Sparkle Certification

  • Champion Pole Club Manly 2020

Favourite Food: Chocolate (I make my own)

 Something you're working on: Creating more time to dance and play

Pole dancing since: 2014

Teaching since: 2019

What is your teaching specialty: Splits, static, and bendy stuff. I also love Russian style and exotic choreography


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Becky has a background in ballet and was always intrigued by pole dancing. She completed several beginner-intermediate courses on and off at different studios before finding her home at PDA in 2014. At this time Becky also trained and taught aerial silks but ultimately fell in love with all things pole and this is her main focus today. Becky really understands how everyone's body can be different, she is very flexible but also has joint hyper-mobility and has had her lumber spine surgically fused. Pole has taught her how to listen to and understand her own body and Becky loves that she is able to express her passion for pole dancing by helping her students to discover what their bodies are truly capable of.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Dance Filthy Amateur 2019 Finalist

  • Mid Summer Nights Dream 2019: Amateur 1st Runner Up

  • Pole Club Crows Nest 2018: Amateur 1st Runner Up

  • Performer at Heartstoppers 2018

  • PDA Certified Instructor

  • 2020 Step Up Semi Pro 2nd Runner Up

Favourite Food: Ice Cream

Something you're working on: Beautiful lines during strength tricks and transitions

Pole dancing since: 2014

Teaching since: 2018

What is your teaching specialty: Connecting movements together to create fluid transitions, whether on or off the pole to turn tricks into dance


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Kendall is an ex-gymnast and began her pole journey 10 years ago becoming additcted from day 1. In 2014, Kendall opened her own studio and operated for 3 years, coaching students through a variety of static and spinning pole tricks and combos. Travelling around the world to various pole workshops and camps, Kendall loves learning as many styles and techniques as possible in order to develop her teaching style to be as versatile as possible. After a brief break from teaching she is excited to be back teaching as part of the PDA team and cannot wait to see her students develop their skills and confidence both on and off the pole.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Guest Performer at Warriewood SLSC Charity Fundraisers

  • Pole Superstar Judge

  • Black Cherry Judge

  • Pole Club Judge

  • Xpert Pole Instructor (lvls 1-2)

Favourite Food: Tacos and Pizza

Something you're working on: Cup Grip Phoenix and a multitude of static pole flips

Pole dancing since: 2008

Teaching since: 2009

What is your teaching specialty: Static pole and weird dynamic combos

Originally from London, Lisa first discovered pole when she was gifted one by her husband for Christmas when their youngest child turned two. She soon discovered that you could learn tricks and link them together until she was no longer asking her husband to watch her but rather spot her! Finding a studio and pole family was like finding herself again. A mother of three and a registered nurse left her zero time for herself but pole dance gave her back the things she had forgotten about, namely body confidence and feeling sexy again!

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Certified Instructor The Pole Studio London

  • 2020 Classique Certification

  • Pole Club Manly 2019 finalist

  • Ecole de Pole Amateur Comp 2017 Winner

  • 1st Runner Up Pole Club Manly 2020

Favourite Food: Japanese

Something you're working on: Bird of Paradise

Pole dancing since: 7 years

Teaching since: 4 years

What is your teaching specialty: I love helping other mums get their sexy back, and nurturing Beginners and watching them grow


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This Sydney Northern Beaches girl grew up singing, dancing and performing! She became addicted to Pole Dancing in her late 20s and has attended many workshops and classes to continually develop and learn they many styles of pole dance. Sophie loves nothing more than seeing her students discover and fall in love with pole dance just as much as she has, while watching how confident and strong it makes them!  If she's not in the pole studio you can find Sophie at the beach or working as a National Account Manager for a marketing agency.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • PDA Certified Instructor​

  • 2020 Classique Certification

Favourite Food: Spaghetti

Something you're working on: Unassisted Flips, Aerial Jamilla's and Middle Splits

Pole dancing since: 2017

Teaching since: 2019

What is your teaching specialty: Trouble shooting challenging moves and finding what a student's strength is to show them everyBODY can pole to promote positivity in class!


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Born in the UK, Lauren was tired of running for endless hours on the treadmill. One day she saw some girls in a pole class at her local gym - all the girls were smiling, laughing and lifting each other up but she was too shy to join in by herself. She asked her best friend to come with her and she was immediately hooked, realising that exercise could be fun! Instead of clock watching, the whole hour would speed by and she would want more and more dancing in her life.

In her first 2 years of pole she competed and won titles in 2 national competiiton. When she moved to Australia she was introduced to PDA which quickly became her family and she fell more in love with the sexier side of pole dancing, embracing the 8 inch heels she now can't live without. She loves introducing people to pole and watching them progress on their journey as they become stronger, flexure and sassier.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • BPSC 3rd place 2016

  • Heir to the Chrome 2nd place 2016

  • Dance Filthy opening performance 2017

 Favourite Food: Japanese

 Something you're working on:  Exotic flow

 Pole dancing since: 4 years

Teaching since: 2 years

 Favourite pole move:  The Eagle


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Ali started as a beginner pole dancer at Pole Dance Academy. She joined the PDA teaching team at the end of 2017. She loves to make her classes fun while also making them work hard. She's an encouraging and makes sure every student learns something from each class. Her favourite classes are choreo and contortion. You can usually find her around the studio giggling with her students and the other teachers or staring at the new pole clothes on sale.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Pole Club 2018 Finalist

Favourite Food: Watermelon or sourdough toast and Vegemite

Something you're working on: Splits

Pole dancing for: 5 years

Teaching since: 2017 

What is your teaching specialty: Making the class fun and being relatable as a teacher. I love teaching any class but teaching Pole Choreo is my favourite.


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Mya was a pocket rocket of curls and charisma in the competitive dance circuit until a friend invited her to a PDA trial lesson in 2017. The strength-based trick challenges and slinky floorwork are a far cry from her background in tap and jazz, but have pulled her in ever since! A fan of musical theatre and all things glittery, Mya is looking forward to making a splash at competitive pole. Mya loves teaching beginners and anyone who is worried they're not 'the right type' for pole. With her Cheshire cat grin and booming laugh, Mya is bound to make your introduction to pole dance a memorable one!

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • PDA Certified Teacher

  • Pole Theatre 2019 opening number

  • Pole Club Manly 2019 1st Runner Up

  • Pole Club Bondi 2019 1st Runner Up

  • Pole Club Crows Nest 2019 Champion

  • 2020 Step Up Amateur 1st Runner Up

 Favourite Food:  Nachos

 Something you're working on: Upper back flexibility

 Pole dancing since: 2017

Teaching since: 2018

What is your teaching specialty: Floorwork performance, audience engagement


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Dirdy Birdy.

Kristen enrolled at PDA in 2018 and was immediately hooked. Her style is playful and engaging. You can always catch Kristen dancing with a smile on her face. Kristen's strength is her consistency, which shows as she has hardly missed a week of pole since her first class. Although she started pole without prior dancing experience, her enthusiasm resulted in her quickly developing her skills. Kristen began teaching in 2020 and is proud to share pole with others as an instructor. Pole allows Kristen to balance her technical and creative sides, helps her to switch off from her job as an environmental scientist, and get her body moving. Pole has also helped her develop a more positive body image and is integral for her mental health and wellbeing. When she is not in the studio, Kristen enjoys hiking and going to the beach if the sun is out. She is a true a homebody at heart and more often than not, you'll find her somewhere quiet with a cup of tea and her nose in a book.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • PDA Certified Teacher

  • PDA Teacher Training Certificate of Recognition Beginners to Advanced

 Favourite Food:  Vietnamese

 Something you're working on: Choreography and taking rest days

 Pole dancing since: 2018

Teaching since: 2020

What is your teaching specialty: Noticing and celebrating little 'wins' as students master new moves. Learning everyones names, creating a welcoming, inclusive environment and teaching with a big smile. 

Dirdy Birdy started her pole journey in 2008 and has inspired many to start their own. She is known for her sexy routines, strength and pole tricks and flow combos. She loves the sensuality of pole dance as well as the physical challenge it provides, and of course the friends that she has made along the way. She loves teaching and loves seeing pole students achieve their goals and have fun!

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Guest Performances in numerous shows, including Pole Dance Academy's Dance Filthy and Step Up.

 Favourite Food: Vegan Viet Cuisine

 Something you're working on: Getting more flexible and stronger. On an endless journey working on flow and dance.

 Pole dancing since: 2008

Teaching since: 2010

What is your teaching specialty: Pole Choreo


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After relentless encouragement from her best friend, Shirley tried her first pole class at PDA in 2018 and began teaching in 2020. She became infatuated with the beauty and sensuality of pole and is obsessed with refining her own dance flow. For Shirley, pole dancing is a form of both strength and femininity and wants her students to continuously feel empowered in themselves and their progress. Her specialty lies in flowy choreo, and a bendy back. Shirley is a sassy and patient teacher and will be sure to make you laugh in her class!

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Pole Club Bondi Champion 2020

 Favourite Food: Salmon Sashimi (I get weekly cravings)

 Something you're working on: Active flexibility and my dream move - the Iron X

 Pole dancing since: 2018

Teaching since: 2020

What is your teaching specialty: Any back bendy moves and making bad jokes in class.


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Lawyer by day, pole dancer by night this former full-time yoga teacher has always been passionate about movement and teaching. She started her pole dancing journey in Dublin and it was love at first spin! Pole dancing at PDA was the first thing on her list when she moved to Sydney and she still can’t get enough! Denise loves to watch her students unlock such huge potential through pole and her favourite thing is watching them smash goals they never thought possible, build confidence and find a safe, strong and supportive community. When she’s not pole dancing (which is rare!) you will find her swimming, surfing or at the beach.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • All Ireland Pole Dance Championship finalist 2019

  • PDA Certified Instructor 2020

  • Elevated Certified Pole Dance Instructor 2018

  • Liquid Motion Certified Teacher 2018

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 2010

  • Shimmy and Sparkle Classique Certification 2020

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer 2011

 Favourite Food: Chocolate

 Something you're working on: Muscle-ups, handstands and flexy stuff

Teaching since: 2020

What is your teaching specialty: Breaking down tricks and transitions to make moves achievable, strength tricks, being patient, relatable and encouraging.


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MOBILE: 0413 373 883

EMAIL: info@poledanceacademy.com.au