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We have some of the most talented Pole Dancers in Sydney working at Pole Dance Academy.
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Meet some of the most inspirational, motivating and (let's face it) downright dazzling teachers you'll ever know. The Pole Dance Academy is proud to have some of the most talented pole dancers in Australia! Our teachers are so much more than fitness instructors: they're your coaches, support system and your guiding light to help you start living a stronger, healthier, more empowered life.


Don't be shy. Simply click on their pictures and find out more about our fearless and flexible leaders. Each one of our pole teachers is backed with an impressive list of qualifications that make them perfectly suited to lead a wide range of classes. With years of experience teaching and performing pole dance at the highest levels, these are the people who can help you transform your body and free your mind through the power or pole.


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Michelle Shimmy
Shimmy took her first pole dancing class about 10 years ago, and has been completely pole-crazy ever since. She has performed and competed in numerous venues around Sydney and overseas. Shimmy is crazy about pole dancing, handstands, her dog & cat, and animals in general. Shimmy is constantly astounded at how many of the answers to life's questions she has found wrapped around a pole. Shimmy hopes to be pole dancing for as long as she lives, and possibly even longer.
Maddie Sparkle
Maddie loves pole dancing, the splits, pizza & her dogs. Maddie's grace and physique are a source of inspiration for her students. She is known for her amazing flexibility & strength and is a patient and encouraging teacher, always ready to guide you through a new move. Maddie's achievements are: 2nd in MPDA 2015, 2nd MPDA NSW, 3rd at the ACPC 2011, semi-finalist at IPC 2012, 1st place PDUPC in Denver. Maddie tours internationally and performs, judges and teaches workshops all over the world.
Yungie's been poling for over 6yrs & instructing for 4. Addicted to pole after her first lesson, she now spends most of her waking hours practicing pole. Yungie has lots of competition achievements and experience in some of Sydneys biggest comps. While she loves performing & competing, she's equally passionate about teaching. In Yungie’s class you can expect to sweat & be pushed past your limits. Yungie loves choreographing routines & broadening her artistic range. (And she's a crazy cat lady!)
Mal is a dance & fitness sensation - pole dancing, samba, salsa, AND a devoted runner (and we all know how pole dancers feel about running) - there is nothing this girl can't do! Malinda joined the PDA team in 2012. Mal's strength, grace & elegance on the pole are the hallmarks of her pole dance style. Along with Doubles partner Isis, Malinda has performed and competed in a number of huge pole competitions in Sydney.
Originally from Toulouse France, Kim first started pole at Pole Dance Academy in 2014. With a background in Ballet and Jazz, pole dancing very soon became a treasured addiction. With a passion for elegance and sensuality, Kim has learned to combine both sexy and classic styles into her dancing. Always looking to broaden her artistic range, her caring and attentive nature has her pushing her students to achieve their best as they develop their own dance style.
Originally from Poland Magda first tried pole for fitness in 2013. It instantly became her biggest addiction! Once she moved to Australia she soon discovered pole could be feminine & sexy. Her style now ranges from trickster to beautiful exotic dancer. Students love her bubbly personality, funny accent & passion for pole. She loves seeing students grow & become better versions of themselves. Don't let her trackies & jumpers fool you, she transforms from tomboy-civil engineer to one sensual kitty
Georgia was obsessed with pole from her class in 2012. 3mths later she entered her first comp & has since competed in many comps in Sydney. A gymnast for 11yrs, her style is acrobatic & tricks based. In 2016 she joined the PDA family letting her sexy side show! Known for being super flexible, she loves how pole keeps her fit & happy no gym required. A fun & encouraging instructor, her students are always laughing, having a good time & growing from shy beginners to strong confident dancers,
Bianca is a ex-ballerina who started pole in 2015. Instantly addicted from her first class she loved the flexy, sexy & fun environment. Always eager to try the latest tricks & spins she quickly progressed through the levels & started teaching in 2016. Her love & obsession with pole makes her a patient, caring instructor. Bianca is constantly pushing her students to achieve their best. Her classes leave you feeling fit, flexy, exhausted and satisfied after nailing your favourite move!
Blue Phoenix (Chris Talbot)
Chilli Rox
Chilli Rox started pole dancing in 2004 making her one of Australias original pole dancers!! With a background in jazz ballet, drama & singing but now famous as an MC, she's travelled the world performing & hosting shows, cabarets and events. Chilli’s has a high energy, fun & vibrant personality that will push you to try things you never thought you’d be able to do, and with over 10yrs of pole teaching experience and the skills to match, you're in safe hands with "The hostess with the mostest!"
Ash (Flame)
Flame has a background in Flamenco and Latin American dancing. She started Pole in 2012 and began competing and instructing a year later. Flame is known for her sexy style and hair flicks and loves choreographing routines and performing. She credits competing in Miss Pole Dance and winning the PDA Thugs and Fairies Competition as one of the highlights of her pole journey to date. Flame loves sharing her passion for Pole dance with her students and joined the PDA team as an instructor in 2015.
5yrs ago, mother & Ashtanga yoga instructor Amanda started pole. At over 40yrs of age she proved anyone & any age can pole! Pole replaced Yoga, and soon her endurance, flexibility & strength saw her as a finalist in DanceFilthy 2015. Even with no dance background she loves dancing gracefully in heels and the supportive community. A warm, enthusiastic & encouraging instructor, Amanda shares her own pole experiences with students and loves seeing their surprise as they improve each week.
Bec found pole in 2011. Dabbling in ballet & piano as a child, this contributed to her love of movement & music. She loves the joy of achieving impossible tricks & the adrenaline from performing. Bec guides her students to build confidence in a fun caring & supportive approach to ensure pole is your fav time of the week. Above all, Bec is determined to show you how beautiful you are, and all the reasons why you should love your body & yourself for what it is and who you are.
After 18yrs of ballet, Cami started pole in 2015 in France & fell in love with it! She moved to Australia in 2016 & quickly started teaching at PDA. She likes contemporary and sexy style of pole. For her, it's a perfect mix between workout, art, femininity and grace. She's a fun and supportive teacher who thinks there's nothing better than seeing students nailing moves and developing trust in themselves.
- Pole Superstar 2017: 2nd place
- Pole Theatre Sydney 2017: SemiPro Comedy Winner
Leish started pole 8yrs ago and begun teaching 6mths later. In 2013 she opened her own studio quickly developing her signature style. In Aus Leish has taught workshops and performed at many events & festivals. She earned the title Miss Sexy 2015 2nd runner up, then set out adventuring around the globe training, teaching, judging comps and becoming an Xpert teacher trainer. Happily back at PDA she can be found managing & teaching - She loves seeing her students fall in love with pole & their body
Jane has a background in fitness & weight training. Having competed as an INBA fitness model, she has one of the most sort after bodies around the studio with her incredible strength & insanely admirable abs. First poling in 2012, Jane became a teacher in 2015. This uncoordinated tomboy had no dance background, now she loves feeling sexy, confident, tacking strength moves & dancing. Jane's a loving teacher who feels rewarded seeing students grow, explore & embrace their dance styles as she does
Lexy is an ex-gymnast who started pole 6yrs ago. She moved to PDA as a student in 2013 & was ecstatic to start teaching in 2014. With her captivating sexy sultry dance style, Lexy has competed in various competitions in Sydney & claims she can't dance without her highest heels & tiniest shorts. She is super bendy, also known as Flexy Lexy. She is bubbly, fun & enthusiastic. She loves nothing more than to encourage & motivate her students and seeing them smiling after nailing their nemesis move!
Anna started as a beginner pole dancer at Pole Dance Academy in 2012 and fell in love immediately. She was asked to become a teacher in 2014 and likes nothing more than seeing students come out of their shell and grow into a confident dancer. Her specialities are handstands and sexy flexy dancing. Her students know that the way to her heart is through pointing their toes! Expect to have a laugh in her class and leave with a smile on your face.
Moni first started pole 2007 while traveling Argentina. It was love at first sight so when she returned to Colombia she and her bestie opened the first pole studio in Colombia. She loves sharing how pole brings so much fun & positive change to lives. In 2010 Moni competed in Miss Pole Dance SA which encouraged her to then create Miss Pole Dance Colombia. Moni also judged many other pole comps. Moving to Sydney in 2014 Moni started teacher at PDA. Sexy style is her fav & she loves to freestyle
Sarah's been part of PDA since her first lesson in 2015. She fell in love with the combo of flexibility & strength that makes pole so enjoyable. She's a supportive encouraging teacher who believes every student has untapped potential to be discovered & shared. Her students are her greatest source of inspiration, constantly fuelling her pole passion as they grow in confidence & explore the freedom of expression. She has a growing collection of 8inch heels & loves exploring all things bendy
Siggy began pole in 2013, as a way to get fit and have fun. After a year, she moved to PDA where she fell in love with the sexier style of pole. She began teaching in early 2015 and is an encouraging & passionate instructor. Siggy loves to watch her students grow in confidence, and helping them to achieve amazing gravity-defying tricks they never imagined possible! Never dancing without heels, Siggy is a beautiful dancer, amazing her audience with the fun and sexy side of pole she loves so much
Zaneta Rose
Zaneta discovered pole dancing in 2010, in her hometown - Rockhampton. While feeling very uncoordinated and completely out of her comfort zone she quickly became obsessed with the art of pole and not long after began instructing. In 2016 Zaneta moved to Sydney to manage and instruct at PDA. As an instructor Zaneta is very patient and loves helping & seeing her students grow each week! She has since taken to the stage in multiple competitions. Zaneta loves the freedom and confidence pole brings.
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