Teacher Feature.

With so many amazing staff members at our studios, we wanted to point out someone extra special whos killing it at the moment


FACEBOOK: Yungie Dang
INSTAGRAM: @yungie.dang


While I enjoy many different styles of pole dancing, I find myself returning to the sexy foundations of pole dancing that celebrates the human body and engages the audiences through sensuality and elegance. I like to dance with my heart and really embrace the music that I am dancing to.


The best thing about being an instructor is seeing my students grow in confidence and progress through the many hurdles and hardships in their pole journey. Pole dancing is a great way to escape the stress and worries of life. I’m reminded of this every time I see the joy and laughter of my students in class.


Heels. Always heels


Don’t be discouraged by what you see other pole dancers do around you or on social media. Pole dancing is a personal journey and there are many aspects to work on. If you are stuck on a certain trick, work on other tricks or other areas in pole dancing such as floor work, flexibility, strength and acrobatics. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and explore different styles. Above all, have fun and enjoy the journey

My students are my greatest pole inspiration. They show me just how much pole dancing has transformed their lives and brought joy to others. I am constantly amazed by what my students are able to achieve and their passion directly pushes me to improve on my own dancing.  Moreover, my fellow pole dancers and the wonderful polers that I train with have continued to support, inspire and encourage me and I cannot give enough credit to them.



"Yungie was so lovely! When I first came to PDA and took her Choreo classes she made my friend and I feel so welcome and we loved her floorwork style. On our way home we would gush over how talented she is. Yungie has a great way of explaining choreo and tricks and is always perfect when she performs." - Bec

"Yungie makes everything look effortless. You don't even realise how hard she works until you try it for yourself. She's amazing" - Leisha

"Yungies choreo classes are always different, and I never know what to expect which is exciting. Her transitions are unique and fluid plus she always has a good song which makes such a difference. When I first joined Pole Dance Academy I went to Yungies class and was blown away with just how thorough the warm ups were to build strength, flexibility and active flexibility. As I was new to wearing heels and embracing a sexy style, she was patient with me and never left me behind! Yungie made me feel comfortable and I always left her class feeling rewarded." - Lauren

"Yungie is so precise, graceful and elegant in her dancing and choreo. I can see her influence in all her students that are like little baby Yungies when they perform!" - Shimmy

"She is incredibly knowledgeable about pole dancing at all levels from beginner to advanced. She is able to break down and explain moves that makes it easy and safe for students to execute. Her choreo style is so sexy, fluid and unique, and she is always teaching different and interesting transitions." - Siggy

"Her amazing choreo, tricks, flexibility and patience .... also her outfits are always on point!!" - Kim

"Yungie is an amazing instructor and always comes up with new transitions and beautiful choreography. She is a talented pole dancer and one of the best in Australia. She is graceful, smooth and always absolutely captivating when she performs." - Maddie

"Her routines are so unique and versatile. The musicality, creativity and finesse of her choreography is so impressive and inspiring. As a dancer she makes everything look effortless with such smooth transitions and beautiful lines and as an instructor she is one of the sweetest, caring and encouraging instructors!" - Ash

"Yungie is an incredibly caring and patient instructor who clearly breaks down moves and encourages everyone, giving all her students the confidence they need to never give up. She executes every move and every transition so perfectly, making everything look effortless. Yungie makes me not only want to be a better dancer but also a better instructor! She always has the cutest little butt!!" - Lexy

"Yungie is everything you could ever ask for in a teacher - patient, encouraging and a flawless dancer. Her dance style is fluid and graceful, both of which make her such an amazing performer. Yungie's ability to shape her teaching style to each student is what makes her one of Australia's best teachers. She is the perfect combination of strong and flexible - there is nothing she can't do!!" - Sarah