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Learn from the PDA instructors as well as some of our guest instructors. 

All our instructors are amazing, experienced and reputable dancers to ensure

you get the most out of your classes!

Laura Lou aka @lauralou.hypnotic

Laura Lou is the owner of the Pole Academy In Switzerland and has been a certified Instructor since 2013.

She discovered her passion for pole dancing in 2012. Soon the Pole Studio became her second home.


Laura is known worldwide for her Hypnotic Exotic, which is very elegant and sensual due to her flexibility.

Laura loves to teach and pass on her skills for others to learn and enjoy pole and dance as much as she does.

Katy Eve aka @katyevepoledancer

Katy Eve is the owner and head instructor of The Brass Room in Canberra.

Katy loves the sexy style of pole dancing and enjoys being able to openly express her sexiness which is truly empowering. Katy also loves sharing that with others! She loves sharing with her students empowerment and self confidence. 

Katy has a long list of titles including Pole Theatre UK Overall Winner, 2 x Pole Theatre World Finalist, 2 x MPD ACT winner & 4 x MPD Australia Finalist to name a few.

Michelle Shimmy aka @michelleshimmy

This boss babe needs no introduction... but we will give you one anyway:

Shimmy is a Sydney-based internationally-renowned pole performer, entertainer, judge, MC  and instructor. Shimmy co-owns the Pole Dance Academy, Shimmy & Sparkle pole wear. 

Shimmy is passionate about teaching pole. She loves to guide and see the improvement in her students. For Shimmy, the true magic of pole dance is the transformative effect it has on people, in the way that it increases confidence and body awareness. ​

Maddie Sparkle aka @maddiesparkledancer

Maddie is a Sydney-based internationally-renowned pole performer, entertainer, judge and instructor. Maddie co-owns the Pole Dance Academy, Shimmy & Sparkle pole wear.


Maddie is famous for her perfect splits, classique style choreography and her 8 in heels.

Maddie has a unique Australian style and is both strong and flexible.

She is passionate about both performing and teaching and thrives sharing all her skills and tips on becoming the best, badass and most sexy pole dancer you can be.

Originally from Toulouse France, Kim started pole dancing at Pole Dance Academy in 2014. With a background in ballet and jazz, pole dancing very soon became a treasured addiction.


With a passion for elegance and sensuality, Kim has learned to combine both sexy and classic styles of pole into her dancing. Always looking to broaden her artistic range, her caring and attentive nature has her pushing her students to achieve their best as they develop their own dance style.​

Magda aka @magda_miss_carrot

Originally from Poland Magda first tried pole for fitness in 2013. It instantly became her biggest addiction!


Once she moved to Australia she soon discovered pole could be feminine & sexy. Her style now ranges from trickster to beautiful exotic dancer.


Students love her bubbly personality, funny accent & passion for pole. She loves seeing students grow & become better versions of themselves. Don't let her trackies & jumpers fool you, she transforms from tomboy-civil engineer to one sensual kitty.

Leish aka @_unleished_

Leish started pole 10yrs ago and is a certified Xpert teacher trainer and Pole Dance Academy instructor trainer.

During her pole career Leish was found guest performing at many comps, events & festivals before setting off around the globe to judge, teach workshops and broaden her pole skills. 

Leish is now found backstage behind the scenes managing most most pole events now, but she did earn herself the Miss Sexy 2015 2nd runner up title once upon a time.


Happily at PDA she can be found managing the studios. She loves rolling around on the floor and teaching the importance of fundamentals to her students. Most importantly, she loves seeing her students fall in love with pole & their bodies.

MOBILE: 0413 373 883