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Learn from the world-class PDA instructors! 

All our instructors are amazing, experienced and reputable dancers to ensure

you get the most out of your classes.


Maddie Sparkle aka @maddiesparkledancer

Maddie is a Sydney-based internationally-renowned pole performer, entertainer, judge and instructor. Maddie co-owns the Pole Dance Academy, Shimmy & Sparkle pole wear.


Maddie is famous for her perfect splits, classique style choreography and her 8 inch heels.

Maddie has a unique Australian style and is both strong and flexible.

She is passionate about both performing and teaching and thrives sharing all her skills and tips on becoming the best, badass and most sexy pole dancer you can be.


Dirdy Birdy aka @dirdybirdy

Dirdy Birdy is one of the best-loved pole dancers in the world! Her fans love her choreo, her amazing tricks - and her cats as well! Dirdy Birdy has been pole dancing for over ten years. 

If you're ever in Bondi, there's a good chance you'll catch Dirdy Birdy training on the Bondi pole!


Caz is an absolute choreo queen - loved by her PDA students for her innovative and stunning choreography. She loves pole dancing, her dogs and the beach! Caz has been pole dancing for 6.5 years.

By day, Caz works in childcare - so as she likes to say - she spends her days teaching small humans how to behave, and her evenings teaching big humans how to misbehave!

Arabelle aka @arabelledancer

Arabelle is a pharmacy nerd by day and pole dancer by night. She took her first pole dancing class at PDA in 2018, wanting to try something different after having been a competitive cheerleader for 6 years.

Pole quickly became Arabelle’s passion, spending as much time as possible in the studio to improve her skills. Arabelle has a love of all aspects of pole dancing, especially flexy tricks up the pole and sensual floorwork. She also loves the pole community and the many friendships she has made along the way.

Arabelle believes teaching is the perfect way to share this with others who are new to pole dancing.

Lenka aka @lenka_lon

Lenka discovered pole dancing in London, when an antigravity yoga Groupon voucher led her to a pole studio, which has quickly become her daily retreat from the stresses of a big city corporate life.

Since moving to Sydney in 2017, she has found love for skinny brass spinning poles, sexy style and heels!

She finds flexibility training to be the most exciting part of her pole journey, understanding how our bodies can transform through correct training and perseverance. Having started teaching in January 2018, she finds nothing more satisfying than seeing her students grow from baby polers to confident, strong, mesmerising pole goddesses.

Naty aka @natita_uh

Naty started pole dancing in Peru in 2011, one year later, it became more than a passion, but a way of life. By 2014 Naty had visited Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and New York pole studios to build her knowledge and expertise.  In 2016 she decided to travel to Sydney to take classes at PDA to improve her style and discover more things around “dancing in heels”.
Following her dream, she was one of the first promoters of the sexy style in heels (Classique) in Peru and also diffused chair dance, lap dance and strip dance. Thanks to this, she has now become one of the most renowned exponents of this style in Peru.

Chloe aka @chloepoledancer


Having a background in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance led Chloe to try pole dancing 7 years ago, which ignited her love for dance all over again. Quickly becoming pole obsessed, she jumped back into training, focusing on strength and flexibility.

Combining sensual and contemporary movement learnt over her time in the studio, Chloe has developed her own style of alluring and fluid choreography which she loves to share with her students. As a qualified personal trainer, she has a very focused approach to training, always working on balancing strength and flexibility.

Chloe also loves to see her students succeed and smile through each class, helping students achieve goals and breakthroughs with challenging moves is why she loves to teach. 

Cami aka @cami_camomille

After 18 years of ballet, Cami started pole in Oct 2015 in France and immediately fell in love with it! She moved to Australia in 2016 and quickly started teaching at PDA.


She likes lyrical, contemporary and sexy style of pole. For her, Pole Dancing is a perfect mix between workout, art, femininity and grace. She's a fun and supportive teacher who thinks there's nothing better than seeing students nailing moves and developing trust in themselves.

Kendall aka @ken8989

Kendall is an ex-gymnast and began her pole journey 10 years ago becoming addicted from day 1.

In 2014, Kendall opened her own studio and operated for 3 years, coaching students through a variety of static and spinning pole tricks and combos.

Travelling around the world to various pole workshops and camps, Kendall loves learning as many styles and techniques as possible in order to develop her teaching style to be as versatile as possible.

After a brief break from teaching she is excited to be back teaching as part of the PDA team and cannot wait to see her students develop their skills and confidence both on and off the pole.

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Ali aka @stiletto_seven

Ali  joined the PDA teaching team at the end of 2017. She loves to make her classes fun while also making us work hard. Our students love Ali's Choreo, she brings us something flowy & beautiful week after week - combining creative transitions with stunning floorwork. She's an encouraging and makes sure every student learns something from each class. Her favourite classes are choreo and contortion.

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Lauren aka @laurendimitrovski

Lauren was introduced to pole dancing in 2016 with a one-off beginner class with friends but very quickly it grew into an addiction! Dancing is in Lauren's genes - she has a background in gymnastics, ballet, tap dance and jazz, and loves to combine the sexy, sultry style of dance along with training strength-based tricks. Lauren is a fun and encouraging instructor who absolutely loves watching her students grow with confidence and passion.