JLo Pole Dancing at the Superbowl Proves Age Ain't Nothing But a Number, Baby!

OH MY LORD!! Did you guys see JLo pole dancing at the Superbowl??? In case you missed it, it was glamourous, it was exciting, it was EPIC, and (no surprises here) - it was controversial. There was so much chatter online in the days that followed that we decided we had better do a round up of all things JLo and pole dance-related. Read on!

JLo pole dancing at the Superbowl

This past week the pole community has been abuzz with the excitement of seeing Jennifer Lopez pole dancing in the halftime show at the Superbowl. Many of us followed JLo's journey to learn how to pole dance, as she prepared for her role as Ramona in the movie Hustlers. I'm fairly certain we could all relate to JLo's struggle to master even just the twisty grip turn, let alone climbing and inverting. Pole dancing sure ain't easy! Check out the video JLo posted on her youtube channel, documenting her progress.

And as if it wasn't enough for us all to enjoy seeing JLo pole dance on the silver screen in the movie Hustlers, she backed it up by incorporating some of her own pole dance moves and also some professional pole back up dancers into her show at the Superbowl. What a show it was! If you haven't seen it yet, take a look below. Make sure you keep an eye out for the incredible pole dancers in the background, busting out some seriously difficult tricks on the pole.

Personally, I thought the whole show was incredible. It was empowering, it was uplifting, it had a strong message of courage and unity, and of course it was visually spectacular. I'm pretty sure many pole dancers felt the same way. It was so exciting to see our beloved art form showcased on such a big stage to the whole world!

I reached out to Irmingard Mayer, one of JLo's back up pole dancers. She says:

"Being part of the halftime show with J Lo was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. We trained almost every day for 3 weeks leading up to the show. The rehearsal process was constantly evolving as our role in the show evolved. It wasn’t easy to keep pole in a large scale, ever-changing event like this. A large part of the reason we stayed in the show at all is because J Lo believes in this art form so much and wanted to showcase it in the show. There were many logistical elements to overcome including 6 pole dancers in a show like this. I’m so grateful to have graced the stage with these skilled and talented pole dancers. Dancing with J Lo under an open sky of fireworks setting off in a stadium of 60,000 is one I will carry with me forever!"

Follow these amazing polers on instagram: @irmingardmayer @johannasapakiereal @taliajade_m9 @crystallionc @sheilajoyburford @egyptshari

The Backlash...

But of course, you can never just put pole dance out there into the general public without having to face some kind of a moral backlash avalanche. Critics of the show called it "pornographic", "vulgar" and worried about the effect the show might have on children watching it. Apparently, Ohio minister Dave Daubenmire announced he was considering taking legal action against the NFL over the halftime show. He described it as a "strip club performance" that was "contributing to the delinquency of a minor."

How Dare JLo Be So Sexy at 50!!

A lot of the online chatter centred around the fact that JLo, who is now 50 years old and a mother, dared to pole dance on stage. Of course, we in the pole world are completely used to seeing amazing glamazons in their 50s and 60s just casually climbing, inverting, splitting and executing circus-style aerial tricks on the pole effortlessly. We know that sexy has no age limit. But it seems like a lot of people just can't deal with the idea that a woman in her 50s can pole dance and look smoking hot doing it!

So I posted on facebook to ask for all the 50+ pole dancers to send me some photos for this blog. I was overwhelmed to receive over 300 comments and photos from amazing women in their 50s and 60s, sharing beautiful photos of their gorgeous selves on the pole. It was hard to narrow it down! Take a look at the video and photos below to be inspired!

Here are some more pics and stories about these amazing women's pole journeys...

And in case you thought it was all about the ladies, rest assured - there are a lot of pretty awesome fellas in their 50s and 60s who are keen to jump on the pole (including my dad, but unfortunately he has yet to do a professional pole photo shoot)!

I only got one submission from a gentleman poler in his 50s, so he gets a special mention. Behold... Allan! We love your work! Keep rocking the pole!

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted images for this blog. Reading your comments, looking at your pics and writing this blog has left me with a huge smile on my face and feeling unbelievably inspired by your skills and badassery. Keep on being amazing!

Michelle Shimmy xx

PS find me on Instagram! @michelleshimmy

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