10 Things All Pole Instructors Have in Common

Every pole instructor in the world knows these things to be true... At Pole Dance Academy, we love our students. Seriously, we really, really love you guys. We love watching you progress and grow. We love watching you get stronger, more flexible, and waaaaay more badass every day.

Teaching pole dance is a wonderful job, and every day is different because every group of pole students in different. It's true that no two classes are the same. However, there are some experiences that come with the job that pretty much all pole instructors will recognise, because we’ve all been there… 1. WE LOVE BEGINNERS!

When we see a fresh new class of brand new first timers in a pole class, we smile to ourselves quietly, knowing that for some of you, this moment will be the start of a new passion and will change your lives. We know that by the end of the class, some of you will have a glint in your eyes that we can recognise immediately - the glint of a new passion sparked, that will burn brighter and brighter over the coming months until it become a fully fledged pole obsession. We recognise that glint in the eyes because we experienced it too in our first class 😊

Pictured: Me, with my lovely beginner students at their graduation. Oh how proud I was!


You started in leggings, now you’re twirling around in teeny tiny shorts. We’ve watched your pole wear become skimpier and skimpier as your pole skills and your self confidence grow together. And of course, we’ve lived through all your wardrobe malfunctions, and we know you’ve witnessed ours. We’ve all basically seen each other naked. But it’s not weird. It brings us closer together ❤️

Pictured: the Pole Dance Academy instructors at the poster shoot for Dance Filthy. Remember, friends that get nekkid together, stay together!


Once we’ve all been in the same class for a long time, warm ups pretty much become a group therapy session, where we all either swap horrific dating experiences or complain about our partners. It’s a proven fact that laughter makes the discomfort of splits stretching more bearable.

Pictured: Pole Dance Academy instructor Cami having loads of splitty fun with her students


We instructors often find out about pregnancies before family members do, because one of a newly pregnant pole dancer’s top priorities is finding out ASAP how long they can continue poling for, and then calculating the minimum amount of time possible until they can get back on the pole.

Sometimes, as was the case with Charlotte Halstead (left) and Dan Rosen (right), we go way beyond what is actually necessary to show our support.