As per the announcements made on the 20th of August, lockdown in Sydney has been extended to the 30th of September. As this lockdown period has been unpredictable and there is a high chance that it could be extended even further, we are rescheduling Term 4.


Once we are 100% sure that we are allowed to open again and have a date that is locked in, bookings for Term 4 will be up on Bookeo and available to book for the 8 week term. We will post in our Student Facebook Groups, in a newsletter, and on social media when bookings are open.  

We are in the process of cancelling all term 4 classes and putting the credits back in your account for you to use within 6 months. Please don't be alarmed if you are still booked in for a class this week and next and your credit hasn't been extended, we are working as fast as we can. 

As always, we will work hard to make sure we get your credits reinstated as quickly as possible, but please be patient with us as we have a lot of students affected. If you have any questions please email us.

Please join the Student Facebook Groups or 'like' the Pole Dance Academy Facebook page as that is where we post updates in real time. You can find the links to join here -

If you don't have Facebook we recommend creating an account just for pole so you can see updates throughout the entire term :) 


Don't forget if you want something to do at home during this time, you can try PDA Online! They are doing a free trial for new members. See all the details here -

We appreciate your cooperation and can't wait to dance with you again very soon!


Love, the PDA Team xx


  • Please do not attend the studio if you are unwell or have any symptoms whatsoever. If you attend class unwell, you will be asked to leave. 

  • Our receptionists are our COVID Marshals. Please listen to and follow their instructions. 

  • Please wait outside until 5 minutes before your class. Please do not arrive early for class, as you cannot wait inside the studio if you arrive early.

  • Please maintain social distancing when in the studio and remain 1.5 metres apart. Please do not hug your friends when you see them (sorry!).

  • You must wash your hands well with soap and water as soon as you arrive at the studio. We have hand sanitiser available but hand washing is more effective.

  • Please bring your own mat to class, as you cannot use the studio mats at this time.  

  • Please clean your pole thoroughly before class with a towel and the methylated spirits provided. 

  • After class, please gather your belongings and leave quickly.

  • Please do not loiter in the studio after class. 

  • If you have been in a COVID hotspot, please do not attend class and do not return until you have been tested and received a negative result. 

Let's all work hard together to keep each other safe in these difficult times so that we can keep dancing safely and healthily!!