We will officially be back open for business on SATURDAY JUNE 13TH

As the Covid-19 pandemic is going to implement a lot of changes in the studio, we thought we would send a newsletter to let you all know what to expect when you return to the studios.

We have changed the way our classes and terms are structured in Bookeo:

The first term back starting Monday 15 June 2020 will be a 6 week term, to finish off the term that was cut short by the closure of non-essential services.


Over the weekend of 13-14 June, we will be holding workshops for each level, so you can see what level will be safe for you to come back to. There will be conditioning workshops as well to help build strength back up to those who may have lost some over isolation.


Those who did not use their class credits for PDA Online, will still have their credits to use when we go back.


We are currently working on giving credits back to people who did not use them, please bear with us if you cannot see your credits in your account yet.

We are in the process of updating everyone’s accounts with their class credits from before we closed.

*This is going to take us a few days (there are literally hundreds).* Please:

1. Wait patiently until we are finished and then book using your credits; OR

2. Go ahead and book and pay as normal if you’re worried about missing you favourite classes, and we will extend the validity of your class credits so that you can use them the following term.



Practice time is not available to book yet. We are working out how many students we can have in practice time at once where there is still a safe distance. It will be available to book at a later date.

  • You now book all of your classes individually.

  • You can still make a recurring booking of the same class each week so you are guaranteed to have a spot.

  • Or you can select days and times which you know you will be able to attend (perfect for shift workers, if you are sick, or going on holiday etc).

  • You will receive 1 credit for 1 class. E.g If you purchase a double course, you will receive 16 credits to book into 16 classes.

  • We still recommend booking the full term in advance, instead of booking week by week as you may miss out.




Exciting news! You can now book your catch up classes online!! If you can't make a class, you can cancel your booking in your Bookeo Customer Area and rebook for another day. No more showing up and risking being turned away because the class is full!


As Term 2 was interrupted, when we go back, it will only be for 6 weeks until the new term starts. The last term for the year will also be a mini term before we stop for Christmas break.


New term dates are as follows:


Term 2 (continued): 15/6/20 - 26/7/20

Term 3: 27/7/20 - 20/9/20 (8 weeks)

Term 4: 21/9/20 - 15/11/20 (8 weeks)

Term 5: 16/11/20 - 20/12/20 (5 weeks)


If you used your credits at PDA Online and will be buying a new pre-paid package for when we return, the prices are as follows to reflect the 6 week term, rather than 8 weeks:


Single Course - $173.00

Double Course - $278.00

Triple Course - $360.00

Quad Course - $480.00


Please remember to purchase the pre-paid package first otherwise you will be paying the casual rate for each class you book ($35 each).


We have made some changes to the levels at PDA so that you will have more options on the timetable for the level that suits you.


  • There will no longer be an Elementary level. After Beginners you will go up to Intermediate.

  • We have merged Pre Advanced 1 and Pre Advanced 2, so they will just be called Pre Advanced (the easier moves from Pre 1 will go into the syllabus for High Inter, and the harder moves from Pre 2 will go into Advanced.

  • Our levels will now be Beginners, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Pre Advanced, Advanced, Elite.

  • We will now have room for more Pole Choreo, Tricks & Spins, and Stretch & Flex classes.

  • All levels for Pole Choreo, Tricks & Spins, and Stretch classes will be written on the timetable, so please refer to the timetable to check if that class is suitable for you.



These changes are going to mean you have more options available to you on the timetable, making booking in easier!


When we reopen, we will have limitations on physical contact, which means we aren't allowed to spot students.


For this reason, when we return, we ask you to repeat the last level you completed 100%, even though this means going  down to a level that you have already done. It's only for a short 6 week term, and it will keep you and our instructors safe. If in class you are asked to do a move that you have never done, please advise the teacher and do not attempt it unless your instructor says it is ok. We also ask that you please bring your own towel, and own yoga mat until further notice.


MOBILE: 0413 373 883