Maddie Sparkle.

Maddie loves pole dancing, the splits, pizza and her dogs. Maddie's grace and physique are a source of inspiration for her students. She is known for her amazing flexibility and strength and is a patient and encouraging teacher, always ready to guide you through a new move. Maddie tours internationally and performs, judges and teaches workshops all over the world.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • APDM Top 5 pole dancers in Australia 2016/17,

  • 2nd in MPDA 2015, 2nd MPDA NSW,

  • 3rd at the ACPC 2011,

  • semi-finalist at IPC 2012,

  • 1st place Pole Dance Universe Public Competition in Denver.

  • Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist 2018,2017,2016

  • Guest Performer at countless events around the world

  • International Judge

  • Xpert Teacher Trainer & Pole Dance Academy Training

  • Teaches International Workshops

  • Series of Pole & Stretch Tutorials

Favourite Food: Pizza

Something you're working on: Online tutorials

Pole dancing since: 2006

Teaching since: 2009

What is your teaching specialty: Breaking  things down and making hard things seem achievable.


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MOBILE: 0413 373 883