If you need to cancel a class you can do so through Bookeo if you have given 6 hours or more notice before your class. If you have booked in using a credit from your Prepaid Package and cancelled with 6 hours or more notice, that credit will automatically get put back into your account. If you paid a casual rate of $35 or $25 (if you are already enrolled) and you cancel one of those classes, you will not get a credit back, please email us if you have paid casually and you need to cancel. 

Any credits given back after cancellation must be used before that term ends, they cannot be carried over to a new term. 

If you give less than 6 hours notice and need to cancel your class, you will not be given your credit back. If you needed to cancel due to sickness or injury, please email us with a medical certificate and we can assess. 


Please understand that it is your responsibility to attend your classes. We have a strict refund policy and do not offer refunds or transfers to new terms. We specifically save a space for you in the class you booked in for and if you cancel this does not give others the chance to book in your place. If you need to cancel an individual class, please read our policy above. 

If you are injured and need to cancel classes, we require a medical certificate. With a medical certificate we can extend the validity of your credits and allow you to use them when you are fit to return, we still do not offer a refund.