Arabelle is a pharmacy nerd by day and pole dancer by night. She took her first pole dancing class at PDA in 2018, wanting to try something different after having been a competitive cheerleader for 6 years. Pole quickly became Arabelle’s passion, spending as much time as possible in the studio to improve her skills. Arabelle has a love of all aspects of pole dancing, especially flexy tricks up the pole and sensual floorwork. She also loves the pole community and the many friendships she has made along the way. Arabelle believes teaching is the perfect way to share this with others who are new to pole dancing.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • PDA Certified Instructor​

  • Pole Club Alexandria 2019 champion

  • Risqué pole competition Miss Flexibility 2019

Favourite Food: Japanese

Something you're working on: Improving strength based tricks, including the infamous Iron X

Pole dancing since: 2018

Teaching since: 2020

What is your teaching specialty: Back bendy tricks but most importantly being friendly and relatable


  • Instagram - Black Circle

MOBILE: 0413 373 883