Becky has a background in ballet and was always intrigued by pole dancing. She completed several beginner-intermediate courses on and off at different studios before finding her home at PDA in 2014. At this time Becky also trained and taught aerial silks but ultimately fell in love with all things pole and this is her main focus today. Becky really understands how everyone's body can be different, she is very flexible but also has joint hyper-mobility and has had her lumber spine surgically fused. Pole has taught her how to listen to and understand her own body and Becky loves that she is able to express her passion for pole dancing by helping her students to discover what their bodies are truly capable of.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Dance Filthy Amateur 2019 Finalist

  • Mid Summer Nights Dream 2019: Amateur 1st Runner Up

  • Pole Club Crows Nest 2018: Amateur 1st Runner Up

  • Performer at Heartstoppers 2018

  • PDA Certified Instructor

  • 2020 Step Up Semi Pro 2nd Runner Up

Favourite Food: Ice Cream

Something you're working on: Beautiful lines during strength tricks and transitions

Pole dancing since: 2014

Teaching since: 2018

What is your teaching specialty: Connecting movements together to create fluid transitions, whether on or off the pole to turn tricks into dance


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MOBILE: 0413 373 883