Moni first started pole 2007 while traveling Argentina. It was love at first sight so when she returned to Colombia she and her bestie opened the first pole studio in Colombia. She loves sharing how pole brings so much fun and positive change to lives. In 2010 Moni competed in Miss Pole Dance SA which encouraged her to then create Miss Pole Dance Colombia. Moni also judged many other pole competitions. Moving to Sydney in 2014 Moni started teaching at PDA. Sexy style is her favourite and she loves to freestyle!

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Judge Miss Pole Face Glamour 2011

  • Guest performer Miss Pole Face Glamour 2011

  • Judge Miss pole dance South America (Brazil) 2011

  • Pole Club Judge

  • Choreographed dance filthy opening number 2017

  • Dancing in Mario Turco's Pole Theatre show 2018

  • Danced in numerous Dance Filthy & Pole Theatre opening numbers​

Favourite Food: Veggies, Sushi, Greek and Indian cuisines

Something you're working on: Studying Natropath and Herbal Medicine

Pole dancing since: 2007 

Teaching since:  

What is your teaching specialty: I love teaching Pre Advanced, Pole Choreo, and sexy fluid routines.


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MOBILE: 0413 373 883