Lauren C.

Born in the UK, Lauren was tired of running for endless hours on the treadmill. One day she saw some girls in a pole class at her local gym - all the girls were smiling, laughing and lifting each other up but she was too shy to join in by herself. She asked her best friend to come with her and she was immediately hooked, realising that exercise could be fun! Instead of clock watching, the whole hour would speed by and she would want more and more dancing in her life.

In her first 2 years of pole she competed and won titles in 2 national competiiton. When she moved to Australia she was introduced to PDA which quickly became her family and she fell more in love with the sexier side of pole dancing, embracing the 8 inch heels she now can't live without. She loves introducing people to pole and watching them progress on their journey as they become stronger, flexure and sassier.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • BPSC 3rd place 2016

  • Heir to the Chrome 2nd place 2016

  • Dance Filthy opening performance 2017

 Favourite Food: Japanese

 Something you're working on:  Exotic flow

 Pole dancing since: 4 years

Teaching since: 2 years

 Favourite pole move:  The Eagle


  • Instagram - Black Circle

MOBILE: 0413 373 883