Lenka discovered pole dancing in London, when an antigravity yoga Groupon voucher led her to a pole studio, which has quickly become her daily retreat from the stresses of a big city corporate life. Since moving to Sydney in 2017, she has found love for skinny brass spinning poles, sexy style and heels! She finds flexibility training to be the most exciting part of her pole journey, understanding how our bodies can transform through correct training and perseverance. Having started teaching in January 2018, she finds nothing more satisfying than seeing her students grow from baby polers to confident, strong, mesmerising pole goddesses.

Titles | Performances | Awards:

  • Spin City Pole Dance Instructor/Flexibility/Physiology & Anatomy

  • ElevatED Flexibility

Favourite Food: Salmon and Vegan Chocolate

Something you're working on: The perfect needle scale and Eagle

Pole dancing since: 2013

Teaching since: 2018

What is your teaching specialty: Breaking down moves into key technique points, looking for those little things that can change a nay to yay


  • Instagram - Black Circle

MOBILE: 0413 373 883

EMAIL: info@poledanceacademy.com.au